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Demo data in order_detail table invalid in 1.0.3



I've noticed that the demo order data in 30bz v1.0.3 is invalid, in particular the data in the orderdetail table all has the productid set to 0 (zero) and the productname field is still showing the old PS names rather than the new 30bz product names. The productattribute_id values are also odd with some also being zero.

Here is how the 30bz v1.0.3 demo data order_detail table appears:

30bz v1.0.3 order_detail table

And here is how the PS v1.6.1.17 demo data order_detail table appears:

PS v1.6.1.17 order_detail table

All productid values are zero, some productattributeid values are zero, and all productname values are showing PS names instead of the new 30bz values.

I discovered this while trying to test some API code and getting odd (zero...) product_id values.

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I had a look through that thread before I wrote my above comments but I didn't actually notice your final post there.

I can see the Tools section of that menu for my own posts, but not for anyone else's posts.

@mdekker, @lesley, sorry to bother you guys, but any thoughts on this?

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