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A shop should be set up that should only be B2B within the EU. For mandatory fields, I now have problems in a test shop. The VAT identification number should serve as a mandatory field in connection with the module "European VAT number". It should be checked immediately before registration for accuracy. It appears as a mandatory field but only the field for the normal tax number. Do I overlook something? Ask for your help.

0_1511714949480_Screenshot-2017-11-26 Länder Bearbeiten Deutschland • zmo-Sitzmöbel.png

registration field is not the vat-ident number

0_1511714990608_Screenshot-2017-11-26 Authentifizierung - zmo-Sitzmöbel.png

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@jamesblond008 thanks, we know that. Maybe I should have asked my question a little bit differently. The customer will only be released after a check (or transmission of his dealer proof). Not everyone should be able to register easily. The customer list would probably be too big otherwise. My client wants as little extra work as possible.

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