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mobile browsers, mobile phones - stripe problems


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Hello, I have old stripe but I have noticed problems with stripe during usage stripe via mobile phones.

I have test iOS and Androids and I can reproduce problems.

Unfortunately I can not find a developer tools for mobile browsers. Any solution for that?

Regards browsers the works results are for mobile Firebox, for PC Firefox everything is OK. Sometimes there is problem with Chrome.

I am not using the newest version but I am wondering if you have made a tests.

The problem looks like


there is no limit to put 16 numbers for card number. exp date not like 12/19 but 222222 or 1234 /

there is no errors on prestashop side or on stripe. Sometimes even numbers are correct there is info.


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Both. I am using old presta modules with presta but also old TB module with TB for testing purposes. It seems like stripe would change something on API. Michael made the original module, I was one of the 1st testers of original module. Now I am trying also to contribute it. I am not sure but the problem could be with the newest version, as for me it make no sense for errors on mobile devices.

Is there any method to open developer tools for mobile browser on telephone?

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I was testing with different phones, android and iphones.

The problem is with javascript and fields.

In firefox I need to use a "space" to have a exp date as 12/19

In other case there is 1219 / which give an error.

I am not sure about card numbers but I can put

4242 4242 4242 4242 424 i my opinion there are 3 extra numbers to much for the limit.

I though that card numbers have only 16 digits.

That problems are only with Firefox on mobile phone.

Please install firefox on you mobile and check it by yourself.

Do not use a mobile version on Chrome or any PC emulators, just a phone.

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To assume to many characters for card number, it should be a limit up to 16characters

Problem with exp date. 1219 / not 12 / 19

Problem occurs only on Firefox mobile browser on mobile phones, not PC.

on Firefox PC browser everything works on Chrome PC browser everything works on Firefox mobile browser problems on Chrome mobile browser everything works

on Firefox mobile browser I can use space and enter exp date using enter and pay, but it is no user friendly as also nobody know about it.

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