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Tracking when people abandon cart?


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Any of you guys know what the standard url's are for different steps in the cart process? I need help to track at what point people abandon their cart. I tried repeating the cart process several times but it seems like sometimes it uses just /order and other times it uses a more complex string. Want to set up a funnel in my piwik to see when we lose customers to see if it's because of our shipping or the form is too complicated etc etc.

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@bzndk said in Tracking when people abandon cart?:

But again if there is a major issue, and the same step is the one that looses you customers you will figure it out quite fast from data like that.

Yeah, this is the advice I was working on. If a cart workflow has

"Put in your address" "Choose courier" And "Pay"

And you louse 80% of people on "chose courier' then you know people are put off by the price of shipping or slow delivery for example.

I guess hotjar would be good for single page checkout?

Piwik does have some heat mapping, though, so I will siy down and take a look at that today and see what's what (and feed back here!)

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Piwiki got heatmap true but the way hotjar works is a bit different you actually can se a recording of the users actions, so you can see how they use the page, and what they do and so on.

But if someone leaves when they got to chose courier your issue might be shipping price with out doubt.

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