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Possible bug: Duplicate and missing payment methods in backoffice order



I am trying to create an order for a customer from backoffice and am at the point of selecting a payment method.

I have three payment methods set up: (1) Razorpay online payment (2) Custom payment method - COD (3) Custom payment method - XXX These work correctly from the front end for customers.

In the dropdown for payment in the backoffice, only methods (1) and (2) show up and each of them shows up twice as shown in the image.

Is this a bug? How can I trouble shoot this?



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@SLiCK_303 I am not sure how order statuses affects payment methods, but I have 15 unique order statuses and no duplicates.

The other interesting point is that even if I have multiple custom payment methods created, only one of them shows up in payment method settings (where we map currency/group/country/carrier etc. to payment methods.

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