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Question about the PP Logo in Checkout (and responsive thing...)


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Hello, i try the PP module and got the problem that it uses the logo "defaulthorizontallarge.png" as standard.

This is a very large logo with 544x170px and crashes my Theme (and i think the standard TB Theme too).

I am not sure if the problem is in the module or in my Theme (i am not using the standard Theme). But how can i get a solution that the module will use different PP logos when the customer comes via Smartphone or Tablet?

I can change this large logo to a smaller one from the PP logo site (you can download a lot of logos there), but how can i make the logo responsive to the various customers devices?

Found in the paypal.php the call for this logo, can i change this there?

Any ideas or solutions about this? thank you

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Are you talking about this logo, the one when you look at a product, at the bottom of this pic?... My is different than the default one. 0_1518990445898_Capture.PNG

If so, goto BO>Modules & Services, then look for 'Product payment logos block' and change it in there.

edit: On second glance I think you are talking about the pp logo when you goto pay. If thats the case you'd just have to replace that image with your own, putting it in the same folder as the stock one, and calling it the same name. (/modules/paypal/views/img/defaultlogos/defaulthorizontal_large.png) Knowing that if you ungrade that module, it'll get overwritten, and you'll have to replace it again.

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Hello, it´s the logo at the end of checkout, when you choose the payment method. But yes, thank you, i will replace this with an smaller logo and give the same name.

one more question: Is there a perfect solution for responsive use, e.g. a smaller logo for tablet and smartphone users and how can the shop handle this?

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