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Where to change {invoice_block_html} and {delivery_block_html}


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Hello, i am looking to change {invoiceblockhtml} and {deliveryblockhtml} but i cant find anything about this.

It seems that both were created in a payment-module, but this describes only firstname and lastname. Where come the other data like street, zip and city from in these blocks?

I want to change {invoiceblockhtml} and {deliveryblockhtml} regarding some changes in the order_conf.html e-mail-template (it is wrong formatted in some e-mail-clients and i want to try to do it better). thank you!

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OK thank you, will have a look there :)

another thing, maybe you can also help: i am searching for the table {items} which is used in mailalerts module / new_order.html

Regarding our internal process, i have to change the new_order.html so that the items are shown as follows:

quantity - name - reference - unit price - price

but i also have to change {items} to this sequence. Is this possible ? thank you - please see the picture: 0_1521913367543_items_table.jpg

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jep, found it, thank you! From line 521 i have changed to the following:

$itemsTable .= ' '.(int) $product['productquantity'].' '.$product['productname'] .(isset($product['attributessmall']) ? ' '.$product['attributessmall'] : '') .(!empty($customizationText) ? '
'.$customizationText : '') .' '.$product['productreference'].' '.Tools::displayPrice($unitPrice, false).' ' .Tools::displayPrice(($unitPrice * $product['productquantity']), false) .' '; } foreach ($params['order']->getCartRules() as $discount) { $itemsTable .= ' '.$this->l('Voucher code:').' '.$discount['name'].' -'.Tools::displayPrice($discount['value'], false).' '; }

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