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Problem with specific prices and TAX



There is a problem with using specific prices including TAX.

My products prices are TAX included An example: I have a product: price: 100$ Price with TAX (21%): 121$

I apply a discount INCLUDING tax of 21$. Now price WITH TAX should be 100$. That works fine.

BUT now I have opened a US Shop using multistore. This shop will show prices NOT including tax because it is an export.

Now this 21$ discount should not discount 21$ because the showed price NOT include tax but only 17,35$ (the 79% of 21$). But the specific price is any way discounting 21$ so I would lose money.

I know this could be difficult to understand but the resume is: Specific price (discount) including TAX will deduct the same amount if prices are including or not taxes so discount makes lose money when my products are tax free.

The solution is always to create specific prices without taxes but that brings the problem that sometimes due to wrong ronds, final prices are ugly (100,02 for example)

Any idea how to correct this?

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You can add specific price for US only, you can select country in the specific price. This price will have higher priority than the discount for All countries. Also it can be not only a discount, but also a new price which overrides existing product price.

I don't understand why you apply discount the same amount of tax, isn't it better to show prices 100$ initially? Discounts are great for the customers but if all products have discounts then it looks a little bit strange.

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Yes, I can add an specific price only for US, but the goal is to simplify the control and making all stores the same price every time I change something, (but US showing without taxes).

I will do it just setting a new price s you said, or doing discounts without taxes but my goal is also to highlight the bug :)

I understand your question about discounts in all products. The reason is that we are in pre-launch so products have discounts before launching.All this have to be exaplined whith banners and all the staff but store was launch like a "emergency" solution after kickstarter was finished and people could not pre-order anymore. There si a looooooot of work to be done in this area :)

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