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This is not TB specific but I am curious

I have tried to figure out how the PS image system works and I think I know the structure

Now. I get my product pictures as zip from the supplier. I unpack and then the xml import module tell TB/PS the path and name of them. I have today about 4400 products and to make it easy to calculate each product has 4 pics. I counted the supplier pictures today and it was 25816 to be exact. If I am correct all product images is placed in img/p/all the subfolders. I made a php script to calculate the total number of images in the p+sub and there is about 85000. Why is it so?

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Looking at what the demo products create might help to understand what's going on: sh $ find img/p/1/1 img/p/1/1 img/p/1/1/11-medium_default.jpg img/p/1/1/11.jpg img/p/1/1/11-thickbox_default.jpg img/p/1/1/11-small_default.jpg img/p/1/1/11-cart_default.jpg img/p/1/1/11-large_default.jpg img/p/1/1/11-home_default.jpg img/p/1/1/index.php Seven picture sizes per picture uploaded, so 85'000 is actually not enough. It should be like 25'816 * 7 = 180'712 :-)

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