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Can't sign in with fresh install. "There is 1 error Authentication failed. "



I've installed Thirty Bees in 2 environments. WSL on win 10 and linux with my hosting provider. Neither allow me to sign in to the front with the account created during installation. The installation folder has been removed. I can sign into the back office fine.

  1. Copied .zip file to installation directory - unzip thirtybees.zip
  2. domain.com/thirtybees/install - proceed with installation promps, create admin user/password no errors.
  3. delete /install
  4. go to domain.com/thirtybees/en/login - enter admin user/pass
  5. >"There is 1 error > Authentication failed. >« Back"

Switching to https does not solve the problem. Signing into thirtybees/admin1235 with same user/password works.

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