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  1. toplakd

    Editing Theme

    I strongly suggest to do some reading about css/template editing before you start. Good start is here: https://www.w3schools.com/css/ 2. For finding where the things are (in which css file/line) you can use Inspection tools (most browsers have them). 3. Yes, edit the cms template. 4. In maintenance template 5. You can use translations in back office for that, where you replace every "manufacturers" word with your desired word. Editing complete template is not as easy as it seems if there is not enough knowledge in the background. So suggestion is to learn a lot and spend a lot of time, or buy some commercialy available theme. It all depends on what are you looking for.
  2. body { width: 100vw; margin: 0; overflow-x: hidden; } To remove flickering: Advanced Parameters / Performance: CCC (Combine, Compress and Cache) - Move JavaScript to the end - Set to yes
  3. You can add following to the body in global.css width: 100vw;
  4. toplakd

    Changing Colors in Default Theme

  5. toplakd

    Purpose of Image in Bees Blog Post?

    Have you at least tried to create a test post and tried to add the image? It's purpose is to add the main image to the post, if you have selected it and clicked on the "Add file" button.
  6. Yes, it could be. I don't have this issue on fresh installed tb, but i have it on migrated PS to TB 🙂
  7. Virgin TB 1.0.8 with core updater to 1.0-X: Can add as many products as I wish, and the button is always there. Same with discount button. Virgin TB 1.0.8 installed just now. Buttons are always there, no matter how many products are added or how many different discounts I add, buttons remain available. @Chandra If you wish to test it yourself, than contact me through PM and I'll give you access to my tb install.
  8. toplakd

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    Mostly problem is not in thirty bees, but on another side of computer screen.
  9. toplakd

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    He has this enabled. And all problems start there. It was a hint. One should first try and learn the system before starting to modify it and writing this does not work, that dont work etc.
  10. toplakd

    Changes to ".tpl" files not working

    As all your questions are related to same problem, you could continue there. I already posted a hint to solution in your other thread. And once more here: Never recompile templates
  11. toplakd

    I can't put anything in the left column....

    You can change/reposition almost anything if you are willing to learn how things are working. But without that strong will, it will be hard. Templates are easy to read, and once you know it, you will read a code like childs story book. Short video of my thirty bees, with modded default community theme. (iphone 375*667 size) I'm not a coder or programmer, but I did spent a lot of hours figuring how things work, reading a lot about css styling, etc... https://youtu.be/Ik-4PXLhFwk
  12. toplakd

    Can blocks only go in certain places?

    themes/community-theme-default/modules/blocknewsletter/blocknewsletter.tpl Removing col-xs-12 col-sm-3 shows the newsletter in left column in 100% column width. And your other issue with facebookblock is related to same problem - not understanding how the system and templates are working. And if editing above file is not working for you, than you have one option enabled which you should disable if you are editing theme files. Never recompile template files
  13. toplakd

    I can't put anything in the left column....

    Its not screwed up instalation. You cant move something that has its width value set as 25% of current space (center) to another space (column) and expect that it will automaticly be 100%. So those are not weird issues, as block are displayed in the width which is selected for them. 25%. You need to have some coding knowledge if you want to reposition the stuff into places where it's not intended. And opening new topic for everything (related to same problem) won't help that issue either. Not knowing how to move/code/style the things does not mean that they don't work out of the box in thirtybees instalation. So best start is to learn how templates work in thirtybees/prestashop and some (much) learning on css styling and some (much) learning on template coding. If that's too hard, than i would suggest to look into some commercial templates and buying the one that suits your needs.
  14. toplakd

    Changing Colors in Default Theme

    Parrent / child relation #footer a { or just for blockcms-footer #blockcms-footer a { and so on. I suggest some reading on: https://www.w3schools.com/css/
  15. toplakd

    Can blocks only go in certain places?

    You have to edit it's .tpl as it most likely has col-sm-3 property. And this percentage now calculates from Left column width. Try with browser inspection tool and remove col-sm-3 and it will most likely expand to complete width of your left column.
  16. toplakd

    Text Attribute

    Andy, price is not added to text area. This module only adds posibility to deactivate customization fields on combinations. Price is added in the combination as normal when you create them, and you activate customization only on combination that includes your engraving. So you create your combinations as normaly with thirty bees, first combination is normal product and you deactivate (this module) the text field for normal product. Than you create second combination - Product with engraving, and activate (this module) the text field for this combination and you can choose increase price as ussual with combinations.
  17. toplakd

    Text Attribute

    That module activates/deactivates customization field for combination you choose and you can set prices on combinations. So you create combinations: 1. Product (deactivate customization and in set impact on price to none) 2. Product + engrave (activate customization field and set impact on price to increase).
  18. toplakd

    Text Attribute

    You can also look at this module. It enables/disables customization fields based on what combination is chosen. So for example, if you have product and product+engraving, the second combination can show text input field. And it's little cheaper. You have to think that way - if you are making additional money with engraving, than good module will bring you that money back and will cover it's cost sooner or later. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/combinaisons-customization/20548-customizations-by-combination.html
  19. toplakd

    Newsletter - signing up

    As it seems, unchecking removes the subscribed email, but email is not removed from modules tables. This could be a bug 🙂
  20. It could be something with the theme. You can try the TB default theme with One Page Checkout to see if its working there.
  21. toplakd

    Bug Back Office Menu Top 1.0.8

    Submenus (top or left orientation) are working just fine on Fresh 1.0.8 and migrated 1.0.8, so the problem must be somewhere else for this not working on your install. Screenshot taken from total fresh install via Softaculous.
  22. toplakd

    ThirtyBees Versus OpenCart

    Try to install it and play with it a little. That will answer most of your questions. Easy: yes Coded good: yes Working: yes Issues: most issues come from other side of the computer screen.
  23. toplakd

    Data Base Error

    Do you have softaculous on your hosting? If yes, install thirtybees from there, and than check the database setting on the softaculous install. Like how server is written and database names.
  24. If using other paypal module that has lower version than tb paypal, tb will always show notification to update. To avoid that notification, change other paypal module version to higher number.
  25. During migration modules are not upgraded. Change the version number of the module that you dont want to upgrade to higher number. Like to 99 or so.