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question about OPC (OnePage Checkout) and shopping cart



Hello, first i have to say that i do NOT use the standard theme. Now i am playing around with some .tpl and modify for GDPR and also decide to use the normal checkout or OPC - the OPC looks very ok and could be much better for us, but not sure at the moment.... ....not sure regarding this:

when i activate the OPC, the customer can not change the quantity or delete an item in the shopping cart at the end of the checkout.

Is this correct from shopsystem (tb 1.0.3) or is this a bug caused by my theme?

Also there is NO shopping cart, when you click on shopping cart you come directly to the OPC site.

If this is the normal thing, it is not very useful. Customer has to go back to the item and change quantity if necessary and also to delete an item is very unpleasent.

I already was searching for an demoshop with OPC to try it , but cant find one. thank you

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Hi again, i have found the solution, theme developer told me (very friendly, thank you):

change in shopping-cart-advanced.tpl

noDeleteButton=1 to noDeleteButton=0

and cannotModify=1 to cannotModify=0

Now the customer can change the quantity also in OPC. I think this is theme based and no bug in TB, but maybe someone find it useful here too.

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