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field address_state > gives error for some countries


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Hello, afaik Paypal wants a state for a lot of countries. Many customers do not give that and I do not need it for shipping. I know that sometimes there comes the following error from Paypal when a customer try to order (mostly from Asia):

PayPal response:TIMESTAMP -> xxx ERRORCODE0 -> xxxSHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address State EmptyLLONGMESSAGE0 -> The field Shipping Address State is required xxxCODE0 -> Error

In the meantime, i have seen that PayPal wants to have an additional data field with 'state' in some countries (e.g. Mexico or Thailand), which causes the error above.

Is this problem also known for thirtybees ? If yes, there should be an workaround which fills 'addressstate' with country code. So this is not empty and the problem is gone. I think it should be in /expresschecout/process.php

thank you for your ideas about this!

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Hello this problem is known in Paypal, not only in TB but albo in Presta. The workaround it comment the line when the Paypal module send info about address to Paypal.

Sometimes Paypal try to validate some real address and think that is a fake address.

I had such situations with some customers in USA.

When I read right the newest Paypal module don't send via API addess so it might help in such problems.

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