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need help with php settings


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I have some problems with a TB shop and settings. Some things do not work as they should. It worked with Prestashop. Unfortunately, I've tried so many settings now that I do not have the default settings anymore. I have an active module that is not yet up-to-date and not compatible with php 7+. Which settings / activations php / FastCGI do you recommend?


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There are complete documentation about this https://docs.thirtybees.com/installation

Server Requirements AMP (Apache, Mysql, PHP) Requirements Apache Web Server 2.2x+ or nginx 1.8.0+ (IIS is not supported) Apache module settings: modrewrite enabled, modsecurity disabled, modauthbasic disabled. MySQL 5.5.3+ (excluding 8.x) or MariaDB 5.5+ Full UTF-8 support, so the utf8mb4 character set and utf8mb4unicodeci collation should be available

Linux, Windows (discouraged) or OS X (discouraged) PHP Requirements PHP 5.5 ~ PHP 7.1

At least 128MB of RAM dedicated to PHP is advised. Certain features and functionality will require more ram to be allocated to the application. Consult your developer or hosting service for advice.

Required Extensions These extensions for PHP are REQUIRED

mysql (PDO only) xml (SimpleXML and DOMDocument) gd json bcmath zip (ZipArchive Recommended Extensions imap curl mbstring opcache soap apcu, redis or memcache(d)

Recommended thirty bees php.ini settings The below settings in your php.ini file are strongly recommended:

allowurlfopen = 1 allowurlinclude = 0 postmaxsize = 32M maxinputvars = 10000 uploadmaxfilesize = 16M expose_php = Off

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I would recommend installing imagick module for the pictures and also you must enable the extension.

And - which is this module that relies on php 5.6?! If it was me I would uninstall it and move to 7 right away and if the developer updates it add it later. PHP 7 is a must with opcache and apcu. The shop gets usable.

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