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Advanced stock management hides stock of product combinations that have different purchase price



There is something really strange going on with advanced stock management. When a product has combination, you cannot change the purchase price (wholesale price) or the stock management gets messed up. I will try to explain this with pictures:

This is our testproduct with 4 combinations. 0_1535010318506_63bf5766-ed82-4ecc-9937-6039bf670b21-image.png

Advanced stock management > TESPRO > Details 0_1535010366561_f02734fc-e555-43df-860d-f1351ff13afa-image.png

Advanced stock management > TESPRO > Details after I add 1 item to stock 0_1535010404724_23097ebb-e019-439c-a934-c23acfed50ec-image.png

Advanced stock management > TESPRO after I added 3 additional to stock with a different purchase price 0_1535010543218_2074c361-d0da-43cd-9339-bfb70deaa368-image.png

But when I open these details I only see 1: 0_1535010404724_23097ebb-e019-439c-a934-c23acfed50ec-image.png

If I then say to remove stock I get to see this: So there are 3 @ €150 and 1 @ €200 € 0_1535010489812_77b0fa36-0409-4090-9eb8-08a0ffc8d6fa-image.png

And when I check the productpage it does say there are 4 in stock: 0_1535011129638_d9baa55a-bdde-470e-9165-4e3e092493e1-image.png

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