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Unable to import a language pack at TB 1.0.6



Hi there,

by trying to import a language pack (BO-localisation-translation-Import a Language Pack Manually) I got the following error:

file modules/advancedeucompliance/translations/de.php not found

I checked the file, it is there.

I used German Translation Package from here: https://www.sunnytoo.com/forums/topic/download-panda-1-translation-packs-for-prestashop-1-6-here

Please help! Sergey

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Here's a patch to fix the issue I see, fresh from the monday morning breakfast table:


Issue is/was, that two files in this translations package use $_MODULES = [] rather than the older $_MODULES = array().

Now I'd be interested if it works for you as well, of course.

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