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New order confirmation site with new message in 1.0.5 ? make problems for me...



Hello, today i have expected that there is something new on the order confirmation site in 1.0.5 ?

There is a new message for customers at the bottom of the summary, this makes problems for me...
I use the gmnumeric module from Daresh/Greenmouse, to modify our order IDs in an ascending row. This new message puts a text and the order id - but not the correct order id we use.

Please see the following pic, i have given more details there.

I have deleted the complete text in translations, but the order id still appears and looks like the following (without text, which i have deleted): #001028 .

How to delete this completely? thank you. 0_1537865675386_order_ref_different.jpg

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Comment out the lines in the corresponding tpl files. I'm not sure if there are two of them, maybe one for logged users and one for guests. But you should do it next time you update the store also. I don't have tb installation at the moment so I can't tell you which the files are exactly, sorry.

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