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CSV upload of product attributes?


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yes - attributes can be upload via csv

if you have more than one attribute per attribute-group, it is at the moment with standard not possible

take a look here and try a few items to import if you have more then one attribute per group


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Hi guys,

So I've spent a lot of time on this and I'm really stuck. I'd be so grateful for some guidance. I posted about this separately, but I've not had any response.

The major thing I want to implement is pricing for decoration. I want to start with one genre of product and go from there, so let's consider apparel.

Apparel can be embroidered, screen-printed, sublimated or heat-transferred. The basic method is there's a setup fee of some kind and then a fee per item. How can this be implemented?

I know I can add variations as attributes and make price changes, so I figure that's easy to list separate entries for "single colour screen print" or "two-colour screen print" and so on... but what about the case of a client wanting more than one decoration on a product? Say embroidery on the front and screen printing on the back? This is pretty common.

Can I have screen printing and embroidery set up as separate options, with separate selectors, or do I have to have a big drop-down list under the one heading "decoration"?

How about the setup? It varies depending on how many screens (one per colour for screen printing) or how many embroidered logos (each will need to be digitised separately) or other fees charged by the decorators (they have other setup fees, bagging fees and so on)? Should they be created as separate "products" as accessories or something? I don't see how this is implemented, so I need to use the interface features as they are and find a workaround.

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