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PrestaShop installation packages wanted


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thirty bees needs your help.

In order to extend the PS -> thirty bees migration module to deal with earlier releases we'd need installation packages of these. On Github I can find only ones back to PS

I'm aware these earlier releases are no longer installable, because they refuse to finish the installation if they can't download translation packages. This doesn't matter. Important is the content of these packages.

So, if you happen to have one (or more) of these ZIPs lying around, please send me a copy. PS 1.6.0, PS 1.5, perhaps even PS 1.4.

My email address is markus@thirtybees.com.

Thank you very much!

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Excellent hint! Actually I found this page as well, but I didn't recognize that this "PrestaShop v1.7" field is a menu. With your hint I looked even closer, and now I see them as well :-)

Problem solved, thank you!

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