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Hi All Have another stumbling block I just can't seem to figure out How can I add my SSL code to the header. I have tried in a few placed under theme / header.tpl and they seem to always go right on the top or underneath .. I am wanting it to go somewhere under the search bar as there is a lot of spare space and if it is able to I might add my payment logo as well .


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Hi thanks , yes sorry shouldn't have been so vague .. Tried banner but that would put it right at the very top , as per demo image of 25% in default theme .. Also tried theme configurator but doesn't like the code as i tlooks like this " <script async type="text/ "

or am I missing something lol

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Yeah I know .. Thing is I know it has helped on my other website I have as people have mentioned it .. I'll have a think about it and see what I can do .. Also the radio always talks about making sure you can check ssl is legit , so try and be as open as possible

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