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Auctions module suggestion


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Could I suggest anyone willing to do it to build an Auction module for thirty bees? Or could this be a native function of TB?

If anyone is interested I would be happy to provide my user experience with this kind of module to improve all those that already exist. I've tried everything and the only one really working is this one:


But despite of this, it can be largely improved with new or better functions.

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@briljander said in Auctions module suggestion:

I think you need to specify how much you are willing to pay to make people and agency's interested.

I just suggest developers to create the module to sell it through TB modules market. I am not requesting a special and private work in this post. I already have an auction module, but it could be improved. If such a module was available in TB modules market I would pay $100 for a copy. If I had to request a special module just for my own use I would pay what is usually paid for this kind of jobs.

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