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  1. Briljander

    Sending order Statuses

    I got a similar swiftmailerror when I had a customer which had an email that had a . before the @. Like "testname.@mail.com". Can this be the problem?
  2. Briljander

    Value of inventory

    Isnt there a statistics module that shows what's in stock and price?
  3. I have also thought about this. Do you know in which tables where it's needed to remove other shop data?
  4. Briljander

    Abandoned Cart Module that Actually Works?

    Anyone tried this one? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/26740-abandoned-cart-reminder-5-in-1.html
  5. Briljander

    Thirtybees roadmap

    I think you have understood a lot of TBs earlier problem. The last updates with easier updaters and migrationtools is in the right direction. More of that and more error- and easier to understand reporting!
  6. Briljander

    Count stock

    How do you guys count your stock? Do you know of any good modules? Earlier one of us used an excelsheet on a laptop and the other one counted and read the numbers but then we have also have to take the sales into account and import the Excel immediately.
  7. Briljander

    Count stock

    Ok, but then you have to take all stockmovements into account. I found this module: https://www.modulebuddy.com/product/cycle-count-manager/ But unfortunately I found out to late it was a scam company. I bought it but there never was anything to download.
  8. Briljander

    Count stock

    I mean the actual count. When you count your stock to make sure the the physical stock and the stock in the webshop is correct.
  9. Briljander

    Update to 1.0.8 Shows 500 Server Error

    Ok, I understand. Great that you share your perspective. As long as you are this fast sharing a fix for it I would say its not a big issue
  10. @traumflug But why do you even offer this buggy software when you guys have been talking about a more stable and much more reliable software than Prestashop? I am glad datakick tried to adress the issues with it but if reliability is your business (cause new features are not as it seems) why don't you just turn if off until it's fixed or make a statement in the software news to not turn it on?
  11. Briljander

    Update to 1.0.8 Shows 500 Server Error

    Great to hear why this happens. But isn't there a better solution to get to know of these problems than to kill a whole site if it's not needed? What about this "send feedback" like Microsoft and Google uses?
  12. Briljander

    Full Page cache

    Why don't TB crew make it impossible to activate if it's broken?
  13. Briljander

    Products to test site?

    @wakabayashi I think I will start doing that to. I usually turn off emails but I think this is safer.
  14. Briljander

    Products to test site?

    @wakabayashi Do you mean update in database in customer table ?
  15. I use warehouse theme and like it the best but I would vote for Panda anyway because Warehouse is not maintained or supported for TB which is a shame.
  16. Briljander

    SEO Module

    @andyc I have that module and it's actually pretty good. I have experienced some troubles with the cron jobs but otherwise it works fine and I like the features. The downside with it is that Onasusweb really suck. They tell people all the time that there will be an update soon but it's been over 2 years since last update. They are also not very responsive to emails.
  17. Briljander

    Spam through the Contact Page

    Would be interesting to know how many we are who are using Warehouse here, I am too and have stopped my subscription of support for Warehouse only because Marcin won't support TB and also doesn't upgrade 1.6 more than security issues.
  18. Briljander

    theme/cache/ is huge

    Does this keep all the cached files, not only CSS and js-files?
  19. Briljander

    Official Mollie Module

    @traumflug I think both you and Lesley do a good job and I would be willing to pay more than the small patreon amount I am bringing to the table right now but I think we need more developers that can help and also more patreons but's like the chicken and the egg.
  20. Briljander

    Official Mollie Module

    Yeah, I know. But I guess he haven't got that much back (moneywize) yet for his efforts and I also hope you will expand the team then it won't be as fragile if someone leaves and also the development will probably go even faster.
  21. Briljander

    Official Mollie Module

    I agree, hope we will see more developer stars like datakick and Traumflug to help with the project and maybe they can get something back in the end.
  22. Briljander

    Question about Advanced Stock Management System

    @haylau How can you keep track of you stock if it's not synced with your e-commerce?
  23. Briljander

    Question about Advanced Stock Management System

    Ok, but if you want better warehouse management and therefor need to install an third party module you are often required to turn off ASM cause the other module will be the one that handles the stock and only syncs the output to Prestashop. Also the supply order doesn't help in the way it's designed right now. It's a faster to use paper and pencil or excel. I understand that TB might only handle the e-commerce part but then I think you can remove a lot of the features in ASM and stay with the part you described. Maybe you should also make it more clear what ASM is meant to be as you described.
  24. Briljander

    Question about Advanced Stock Management System

    @lesley You asked what I think is missing. This is what you need to make it better. Otherwise I think you can remove the advanced stock manager and follow Prestashops trace cause It's not good as it is right now and there are already modules for this. I am investigating the market right now and I have found My Easy ERP and Boostmyshops Procurement module and also a local WMS-system that syncs with Prestashop that I am testing right now.
  25. Briljander

    Question about Advanced Stock Management System

    I would like to set a minimum stock level. When I create a supplier order I do get a draft of which products that are out of stock and below this minimum stock level. In that window I would like to to have prefilled quantities to reorder (economic order quantities). This is often the suppliers amount of products in a box or what gives me the best price. Sometimes you do also get an extra cost if you buy less than this. The maximum quantity is often used to determine the maximum number of products that fits into the shelf in the warehouse.