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  1. As I am running Warehouse today new theme functionality is interesting and also something I am willing to pay for. What I would look at is as already told functionality in leading themes like Panda and Warehouse. What I like with Warehouse is for example the possibilities to change menu, basket, change color and font in a lot of different areas, content creator, mobile menu with custom links etc.
  2. So a copy in the theme/mails directoey will always override the ones in module directory?
  3. But how many are using TB? I know you did @wakabayashi but there is nothing official like a premium where you get more. But I don't know if that's the best option either but this project has been going on for some years now and I appreciate the hard work from the guys but for my own sake I would like this project to fly and get more revenue and get more broadly accepted by module developers. Thats my biggest concern, I don't dare to change to something that's not supported by my module developers cause then I will loose all official support even though the codebase might be the same. It's to fragile as of know to rely a whole business on. It's still much much more accepted to have a 1.6 Prestashop than TB, unfortunately. But at the end there will be a choice for me too, 1.7 or TB.
  4. Can't everyone that runs a e-commerce afford at least $5 a month? Maybe you should try another pricing model anyway. Give something extra (modules or features?) to those bringing something to the table?
  5. I know my checkout sets a fake customer so it can show shipping options. I don't know how this works though.
  6. I emailed them and they replied a few times before I choosed to search for new options. Tawk.to is a company I wouldn't recommend to anyone based on my experience.
  7. Yeah, we have a support email. But when we added that email and chooses reply it replied to support@ not the customers email and the customer support was both rude and very unhelpful so we have been running Livezilla for two years now - much better support and features.
  8. I do already have this feateure in Warehouse theme so I don't need this module but I think it's a good way of trying go make people Patreons. Maybe we can add up more bonuses for Patreons and make it more valuable to become one.
  9. My payment provider helped med and exported a csv with all lost orders. From there I could get products, sum of order, date and customer info. From my TA-system I had information about orderreference which we attached to the shippinglabels. We could also see in there if the order was shipped or not. All this info was combined and with a lot of vlookup in excel. The tricky part was to import the orders and to get the stock balance correct. I used Prestashop Storemanager for this. Had to make two files, one that affected stock and one that didn't cause it wasn't possible to get minus stock on backorders which wasn't in physical stock. The latter part was fixed through sql. All purchase order and returns was added manually again afterwards but I think I have managed to restore all crucial parts now. I have also expanded storage on GDrive and managed to get that part working. Will also buy a Synology server which I will put at home so I can have two remote backups. The hosting company have told med I will get some kind of compensation for what they messed up (they autoterminated my account cause I had asked for a change in the account and was told I didn't need to pay until that guy was back from vacation). But I guess that compensation will never add up to the time I have put into fix this. I don't have that possibility to spin up a new account. I guess it's not possible for me then to try the full WHM backup. I guess It's most crucial to try the sql-file and public_html file once in a while.
  10. Thank you for you answers. I have learned a lesson today and that is to never ever trust the hosting companies backups no matter what they say. They have managed to restore almost everything now but from an 15 days old backup. A lot of orders missing we probably will have to add manually. I guess I need the whole environment to be copied cause there are a lot of settings that would take to long to set up, not only the e-commerce site but also webserver config, other databases and also emails and user accounts. Don't really know how I can test this backup though if it work, seems like it would require another server account.
  11. It's a managed server. They have managed to recover some from a 15 days old backup but the site is giving major errors but they are still working on it. I earlier had backups sent to my GDrive but that was constantly giving api-errors so that's why I don't have it anymore, didnt have time to fix that errors all the time. Its crucial for me that it's something that works and dont need my attention. Is this enough for backup? What if the backup is corrupt as in this case? Then no one can save me anyway? How do I test the backups? If I only dump the database I guess all settings done in cpanel and for server will get lost or do you mean all that covers up with files being backed up?
  12. Hi, I do have a VPS today with Cpanel and my host has daily backups. Unfortunately they have messed my site up and my backups aren't up to date and their backups seems to be corrupt which is catastrophic for me. I would like to have some really good advice of how to think about setting up good backup routines for the future. Not only for the e-commerce but also for the whole VPS (email, supportsystem, settings for webserver etc) Thanks in advance
  13. I agree. I have been supporting this project since TB started with Patreon although my liveshop still runs Prestashop. Still a little bit concerned that a lot of my modules doesn't support TB. Do only add $5 to the table right now but I do think everyone using TB should give something back to the project and hopefully we would have even faster development. I will probably step up a level when changing and hope more people can contribute.
  14. Great work! Seems like you have put in another gear.
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