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  1. I would say a decent return/dispute system and a fixed asm.
  2. Hmm, why another fork? Wouldn't it be better to gather all forces and try make TB better instead of two different versions?
  3. I agree with @Mark. With no serious business plan or roadmap I will not put in any money into this project. The project and future is too fragile to rely a serious business on.
  4. We will probably go with 1.7. I do already have a lot of modules which I have bought that do have 1.7 versions. Also my developer which I do have a good relationship with is expert in Prestashop but don't work with other platforms. I do also use Prestashop Store Manager on all of our business computers which unfortunately doesn't officially support TB but supports 1.6 and 1.7. One downside is all custom work in modules that will need to be redone but at least there are modules for 1.7 which will make the move less complicated.
  5. I think this will be the major issue for Thirtybees. PS 1.6 is old nowadays and if moduledevelopers keep dropping support for it there will be problems.
  6. I am still here in the forums and would invest $50 / month if there is a roadmap and a clear objective of what will be done. But my doubts are big about the future for TB so we'll see what happens Q1 2021.
  7. Don't know of any module but that must be possible to track with stock movement and a sql-script.
  8. With this slow movement in negotiations let me have some doubts and concerns of how fast the progress will be afterwards.
  9. This is really the biggest concern. Modules becoming unsupported from developers and not further maintained because they don't support TB. As long as the module and TB is compatible with 1.6 the old module will work but many developers choose to only focus on 1.7.
  10. @30knees did you set it up with smtp-settings ? Do you get bounced email-stats back to Newsletter module in Prestashop too?
  11. I am not sure this was supposed to be something saying different than TS. I only shows that its taking waay to long to close the deal. It's not Amazon that's being sold...
  12. You can charge whatever price you want inside EU but the buyer can order from any destination or site within EU without any problems. Imagine every physical store would be forced to have the same price in all their stores inside EU.
  13. And this sucks. I don't understand how a webshop in 2020 can send passwords in real text. We have had some customer complaints about this. I noticed there are modules that can fix this but this should really be fixed into the core I think.
  14. I have thought of this too. Would have bee great to use features or tags on products to make it possible to segment statistics. A checkbox for "hidden" and then it doesn't show up in frontoffice.
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