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  1. And the platform will automatically update outdated php versions and heal from bugs without a hand on it? Sounds like its unnecessary to update any software at all? If they work today they will also work in 3 years?
  2. I know he did but I do also think he wrote he was feeling better a couple of weeks ago. I don't blame him. He does what he can and also do it good. But it's a reminder how fragile this project is if it relies on one man. I am not sure you can build a serious business on a platform with that in mind all the time.
  3. Seems to be even less communicative now than before the takeover. I am not sure but @datakick seemed pretty lonely steering this ship and now we don't hear much from him either. My sense is that there is something wrong.. but I hope not.
  4. Ahh, ok I understand. Hope your ok now. Thank you for answering. Looking forward to see progress.
  5. So now I guess sprint 5 should just have ended if dev 3 was about to start 31st of march?
  6. Is this the only way to create customer specific price list or price lists for different countries with customerfriendly prices in Prestashop?
  7. Hows it going? I am curious 😃
  8. Briljander

    TB Project Plan

    I agree that it would be good to just post some news once in a while. I can see that there is activity in Github but there are probably also a lot done that can't be seen there. We are curious what going on and also what can be expected. Transparency is the way to go. Unfortunately I don't have any good ideas of what you can use for tool to centralize everything. I am happy with a news post about progress, both good and bad news and also about what will happen next. What you need help with and and so on. Edit: I have to admit that I totally missed the other forum thread about sprints. That was awesome! Thanks @datakick!
  9. This post was missed from my side. That is great news. Maybe @wakabayashi want to test it as he tried to get it working at first place?
  10. Seems like that's more to keep track of lot and serials? Is it possible for example to get a report of the total stock value at a given date? Does it also use fifo and keep track of deliveries and purchase orders? I need this for my accounting.
  11. No one will force you too. But your tone and answers seems pretty bitter. I guess your motive to still be here then is to announce your competitive site in the forums.
  12. What kind of modules, integrations or other third party software do you use to keep track of stock value? Is there any out there which do have a working integration to Thirtybees that can handle movement in stock and fifo for example?
  13. Why aren't you interested in staying with Thirtybees and help out? . Another fork doesn't make any sense as Thirtybees still is here and now do have a new owner. Thirtybees would probably be glad to also have your help.
  14. I think you also should consider to make the theme heavy configurable like many of the paid successful themes like Transformer and Warehouse. I know @zen started to make a module or something earlier. Maybe he can be a part of the collaboration.
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