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  1. Briljander

    What is in the progress?

    Well, if a blog post needs to be excellent (which I don't agree about) drop a note here in the forums like Traumflug did, it's enough for me to see what's going on. But I think not as many people will se it here as a blog post.
  2. Briljander

    What is in the progress?

    Yeah, I also think you should try and at least make a blog post every month to keep us updated. Doesn't need to be any new releases. I am here at the forum almost every day and also check into GitHub pulse now and then but still am unsure what is really happening and had missed this post here in the forums.
  3. Briljander

    Deferred Images - Improve Page Loading Time

    Well my live shop is still running PS 1.6 but I have a test shop with TB. Yes, we are running a VPS with 3 CPUs and 8GB of ram. It's not slow but Its not especially fast either. We are also running Apache, not Nginx. Just compared the TB shops that shows up under menu "Shops using TB" and your shop is one of the fastest. The fastest one for me is this one https://www.add-one.fr/ I think its a big difference between different shops in speed.
  4. Briljander

    Deferred Images - Improve Page Loading Time

    @wakabayashi are you using any other teqniques or modules for pagespeed and what server setup do you have? I think your site is pretty fast and not all Thirtybees shops are so there must definitely be a difference in setting the shop up.
  5. I have a use case. I would like to help my employees to not forget to do certain actions and to remind them by email. Don't know if this is applicable here though. One thing that I have thought of is when a choosen order status has has been active for a amount of time I would like a reminder email to be sent to my customer care and remind them to handle this order. For example we have order statuses for ordered goods and sometimes the supplier doesnt deliver as they should and this would be great to remind us contact the supplier and ask why. Another one is when we have to contact a customer about something before sending the order. Sometimes they doesn't respond and we have to send a new mail. This would be great to get a notice of.
  6. Briljander

    Sending order Statuses

    I got a similar swiftmailerror when I had a customer which had an email that had a . before the @. Like "testname.@mail.com". Can this be the problem?
  7. Briljander

    Value of inventory

    Isnt there a statistics module that shows what's in stock and price?
  8. I have also thought about this. Do you know in which tables where it's needed to remove other shop data?
  9. Briljander

    Abandoned Cart Module that Actually Works?

    Anyone tried this one? https://addons.prestashop.com/en/remarketing-shopping-cart-abandonment/26740-abandoned-cart-reminder-5-in-1.html
  10. Briljander

    Thirtybees roadmap

    I think you have understood a lot of TBs earlier problem. The last updates with easier updaters and migrationtools is in the right direction. More of that and more error- and easier to understand reporting!
  11. Briljander

    Count stock

    Ok, but then you have to take all stockmovements into account. I found this module: https://www.modulebuddy.com/product/cycle-count-manager/ But unfortunately I found out to late it was a scam company. I bought it but there never was anything to download.
  12. Briljander

    Count stock

    I mean the actual count. When you count your stock to make sure the the physical stock and the stock in the webshop is correct.
  13. Briljander

    Count stock

    How do you guys count your stock? Do you know of any good modules? Earlier one of us used an excelsheet on a laptop and the other one counted and read the numbers but then we have also have to take the sales into account and import the Excel immediately.
  14. Briljander

    Update to 1.0.8 Shows 500 Server Error

    Ok, I understand. Great that you share your perspective. As long as you are this fast sharing a fix for it I would say its not a big issue
  15. @traumflug But why do you even offer this buggy software when you guys have been talking about a more stable and much more reliable software than Prestashop? I am glad datakick tried to adress the issues with it but if reliability is your business (cause new features are not as it seems) why don't you just turn if off until it's fixed or make a statement in the software news to not turn it on?