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  1. Just wondering, what do you mainly use your erp for? Accounting? Inventory? Orderhandling?
  2. Briljander


    I agree that there is a lot of work and effort put into this project that would be better for everyone not to do allover again but in the other hand I don't think the brand is worth a couple of hundred thousands.
  3. Briljander


    Sure, there is money coming in but I don't think it's enough to give salary to a team of 3-5 persons. If everything is free there is not enough incentives to be become a payer. I agree that it should be open and free but not everything. This has already been tried with this platform and also on Internet since many years. 10 years ago everything was free on the Internet, nowadays you get a free version to get people interested and try to get them to buy the paid version. The only companies I know that have a business model that do work with "everything is free" is companies that sell or use the userdata (Google?).
  4. Briljander


    This was only my personal thoughts. But I don't think we will be enough that do pay $50 a month. The most crucial part is as it has always been, we need to be more people here contributing and we need to attract morr people to join. This was a way of trying to collect more money from us who really can and want to. In the end I am not the owner of TB and have no intention to be either, I don't have that time. But I am willing to pay for a good e-commerce platform which is actively developed and maintained.
  5. Briljander


    My vision was that it would still be possible to use TB but you won't get any support (hopefully we will still have friendly forum members) and you will not have any influence of the projects roadmap. Maybe also freemium is basic use and not all new features will be available. As long as the platform is competitive against other platform in the market the shouldn't be a problem. And no, I don't think everyone is willing to pay $50 and certainly not $250 a month cause then there are many other good paid options but I do think there must me a distinction between paid and free.
  6. Briljander


    I guess there need to be both a roadmap which is setup by "the team" about new important features for compatibility, bug fixing and upgrade of versions but also a parallel roadmap which are influenced by the forum and people contributing with money. The votings could be done quarterly and for example $50 gives 1 vote, $100 gives 2 votes, $150 gives 3 votes and so on. Then the money put into the project will also give more influence.
  7. Briljander


    Yeah, even though this is great I guess this shouldn't come for free from developers hired. They should focus on developing TB further but of course also check bug-reports. But for personal support I do think it must come with a cost otherwise the paid developers won't have time to work with what should really be worked at.
  8. Briljander


    Last year I spent about $10000 on custom modules, theme changes and bug fixing in third party modules that are obsolete so atleast I would be willing to pay $50 a month if I would get something in return, bug fixes and new features. But I am not sure we are enough people. I do also agree that there is a need of developing new features, not just bugfixing and coremodications.
  9. Briljander


    I definitely think one problem is lack of money. I guess it's hard to build a company on open source and no income except donations and partnerships and ads. If everyone who is using TB would pay a monthly fee of $10 ( which still is veery cheap for a e-commerce platform) I don't think we would have these problems. And if you can't afford $10 a month for the technical heart of your business maybe it's time to do something else.
  10. Briljander


    Might be true, I know there are partnerships but there is also a lot more costs than salary. I have no clue if Thirtybees is making profit or not but if it is I don't understand why a developer isn't hired. Both @datakick and @Traumflug have put a lot of effort and time into this and have been devoted to the project so no doubt about their feelings about open source. If TB was making profit I guess it would have been hard to get them to stay and put some more time into the project if they would get something in return and if there was someone that also was steering the boat.
  11. Briljander


    I haven't seen the financials but I don't think there is enough money to give salary to a fulltime developer. We have been like ~25 patreons giving from $5 to $50 I think. I don't even think everyone in this forum thread are contributors. And I also don't think it's enough with one, it must be devoted team to make this work.
  12. Briljander


    Looking at the bottom of thirtybees.com one can read this: © thirty development llc As in most countries, one can look up limited-type companies in public registers: https://tnbear.tn.gov/Ecommerce/FilingDetail.aspx?CN=255033012188122038179169083159160212228131154070 (solve the captcha to see the entry) One can see the number of company members going up and down over the years. Before you ask: I'm none of them. So you have never been part of the company? I thought so. Is that why you are not contributing anymore either?
  13. Briljander


    It's understandable, I have been wondering the same thing for months. I have seen you were (almost) the only one contributing to the project in Github Great work though, hope it's possible to hire your services anyway.
  14. Yeah, always been amazed of how fast @wakabayashi site is. Tell me your secrets 😉
  15. I will gladly help if you want to. I am not a coder but I do think that initiative was good.
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