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  1. Well the one I use can have its own parameters and also use Prestashop standard settings.
  2. I have thought of this too. Wouldn't it be possible to add for example Amazon SES and use a Prestashop module?
  3. I can answer question 2. The good news is that it do work with TB. The bad news is that they have no plans officially supporting TB. Also they have blocked some features for 1.6 in their mobile app. But the more we are who ask them to support this project the better.
  4. No I haven't canceled anything. I was looking for the invoices to grab them and send them to my accountant and when searching I couldn't find them either in my mail or here.
  5. Hi Lesley, Hope your doing fine. It doesnt look like that for me: I did only find this "orderpage" cause I knew I had a link in an old email. The invoices stopped coming after december and I havent canceled anything (the last canceled one is from this wednesday when I tried to figure out what was wrong). But its still withdrawn from my Paypal:
  6. Today when I searched for the invoices to have for my accountant I couldnt find any invoices since december, also it says my subscription expired 11/1-2020 still I there have been withdrawals from Paypal each month to Thirtybees? I need som kind of invoice to have in my books, even though the one brought here looks really bad and its not legal in my country its better than nothing.
  7. There will always be a need of updating code cause of laws, new regulations, security holes bugs and so on. Once the module owners don't support TB or 1.6 you are on your own. It's still possible to update with own developers or if you have the knowledge, by yourself but this will be an expensive and time-consuming way of going forward. I still hope TB grow their fanbase to make module developers more willing to support it.
  8. Yeah I know and I think thats great that Johnny are maintaining compatibility with TB. I do already have customizations of Warehouse which I do like and already spent a lot of time to get it the way I like. If I get forced to change theme I will but right now I have decided to stay with the version I have right now and hire developers to do fixes. Cost me a lot more but I don't have the time right now to change. But this is not only Warehouse theme, I have more modules that only focuses on new releases for 1.7 and I do think they will increase in the future. That's my biggest concern.
  9. Yeah, this is already reality. As an example Warehouse theme is only focusing on 1.7 and I have more modules focusing on 1.7. The problem is that they don't even consider TB either cause it's too small project. Makes it very expensive to maintain them by own developers.
  10. Thanks @wakabayashi I will add some bug reports there next time I find something.
  11. Maybe your right @datakick and I appreciate your time you assign to this project (are you the only one nowadays?). Wouldnt it be good to add an easy manual for filing issues to GitHub for us newbies so we can do it like you would like it to be done cause I guess many of us are not very familiar with GitHub. And if it already do exist one please point us in the right direction.
  12. Hi, I am pretty new to git and started using Bitbucket a while ago to get a better hold of what developers do and code changes they do. I am wondering if I use core updater it will update files. As well as if I install a module by importing it in back-office it will add and change files. How can I keep track of these changes in bitbucket without knowing which changes that were made?
  13. I havent claimed nothing has changed. Maybe I haven't had to much use of the changes. Can't run 7.2 cause I have modules which doesn't support it (not TBs fault), already have a blogmodule which has many more features and don't use webp pictures for example. I don't really understand why this became a discussion at all. I am supporting your project. Why do you think it's to much to be asked to get updates about the future and that you have a long term plan and give us updates of the process on a regulary basis? Isn't that something you should want to do?
  14. Don't know if you refer to me. I am already supporting this project and would be willing to pay more but then my expectations would also be bigger. It's not that the current version isn't working but I do think Prestashop work pretty well too. With that in mind it seems like the only goal is to keep the platform bugfree but not with any new features at all? Sorry to hear you are not feeling well @lesley hope you will feel better soon.
  15. There is no hurry at all, just lack of information. If you invest time and money in something I think it's pretty obvious that you don't want to go down a unknown path. I am working as a project manager with implementations of ERP-systems when I don't work on my e-commerce project. Think if we would say to our customers that we don't have a plan for the future and don't have deadlines for when tasks will get done. Also we don't tell them what we have done or will do next or even when the project will end? That would have been interesting. Of course there are differencies cause this is a open source project but I do still think for everyone involved here it would be nice to have a roadmap, time-schedule and regular updates of the progress. Thats about all I am asking. It makes my planning easier and I do think Thirtybees will win people's trust and loyalty in an easier way. And if they don't have the time to do this cause it's a small team. Then please tell me that instead, it makes my decision and planning easier too...
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