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  1. Cool, I am not sure how I will benefit from it except from the email tasks being sent later but I guess it's a little bit over my head in form of technical information. I do still think it sounds really great and looks advanced and awesome. About the tracking, fact is always better than guessing!
  2. Ok, sounds pretty interesting. We do also put a lot of time into developing features for order picking and reception. We have used bought modules but also hired developers to add a lot of custom work for us besides this. 15000-30000 EUR is a big investment though. Would need us to be more people interested to reduce the risks.
  3. I know this is not English forum but read this in translation mode and found it pretty interesting. What are your plans for new warehouse module?
  4. Is it safe to update to utf8mb4_unicode_ci from utf8mb4 or can there be any loss of data or something?
  5. I don't think it's a problem for you to mention a date if you just remember to inform any delays or changes. It's the silence that makes people suspicious and wondering. We are looking forward to the next release. Thanks for the info.
  6. We are using Altushost which I do think work good. The upside is managed services for VPN and dedicated servers if you also buy cpanel.
  7. No, that's the problem. There are forum threads with dev sprints and these are great, exactly what I am looking for, but they haven't been updated since 31 of march. Last update in that forum thread was may 17th when we were told there will soon be new updates but now 2 months later there is still no news on webpage and still no information of dev sprints. The conclusion then is that the project has stalled.
  8. If this do work on you I think @Mark has been successful.
  9. For me it's the lack of information, broken promises and all the waiting that makes me very uncertain on this project. Really don't understand the logic of going undercover and not realize that it's important to communicate with your customer base and if there is progress communicate it as well. Without the communication the project seems dead and the believe is that there is no progress. And again, when "staff" do read about the dissatisfaction in the forums and still there is no news or progress shown the conclusion is that there is no progress.
  10. We don't need more than that but yes, I really do think you should try and send a newsletter once every month or post some news about progress. If you are the only one knowing what's going on everyone else would probably have abandoned the project thinking it's dead cause the lack of information.
  11. Your such a prick @Traumflug. What are you even doing here? Shouldn't you be in your own forum or coding on your own software? if you had read my standpoint earlier I really don't want anything for free. I would happily pay for everything but I won't put my money into a black hole without knowing what I get or even get information of what's going on. For your information I do already have my own employed developer and I do have a budget each year of about 10000-15000 EUR for different development purposes but at this point I don't put a penny in here.
  12. But why this lack of information? We haven't seen any news on the page (maybe @Smile job?) but also these forum threads with dev sprints starting to miss out? There is not much needed. I understand that you don't have time to answer everything here in the forums but at least it would be good to know what's happening and also whats not happening?
  13. And the platform will automatically update outdated php versions and heal from bugs without a hand on it? Sounds like its unnecessary to update any software at all? If they work today they will also work in 3 years?
  14. I know he did but I do also think he wrote he was feeling better a couple of weeks ago. I don't blame him. He does what he can and also do it good. But it's a reminder how fragile this project is if it relies on one man. I am not sure you can build a serious business on a platform with that in mind all the time.
  15. Seems to be even less communicative now than before the takeover. I am not sure but @datakick seemed pretty lonely steering this ship and now we don't hear much from him either. My sense is that there is something wrong.. but I hope not.
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