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  1. I havent claimed nothing has changed. Maybe I haven't had to much use of the changes. Can't run 7.2 cause I have modules which doesn't support it (not TBs fault), already have a blogmodule which has many more features and don't use webp pictures for example. I don't really understand why this became a discussion at all. I am supporting your project. Why do you think it's to much to be asked to get updates about the future and that you have a long term plan and give us updates of the process on a regulary basis? Isn't that something you should want to do?
  2. Don't know if you refer to me. I am already supporting this project and would be willing to pay more but then my expectations would also be bigger. It's not that the current version isn't working but I do think Prestashop work pretty well too. With that in mind it seems like the only goal is to keep the platform bugfree but not with any new features at all? Sorry to hear you are not feeling well @lesley hope you will feel better soon.
  3. There is no hurry at all, just lack of information. If you invest time and money in something I think it's pretty obvious that you don't want to go down a unknown path. I am working as a project manager with implementations of ERP-systems when I don't work on my e-commerce project. Think if we would say to our customers that we don't have a plan for the future and don't have deadlines for when tasks will get done. Also we don't tell them what we have done or will do next or even when the project will end? That would have been interesting. Of course there are differencies cause this is a open source project but I do still think for everyone involved here it would be nice to have a roadmap, time-schedule and regular updates of the progress. Thats about all I am asking. It makes my planning easier and I do think Thirtybees will win people's trust and loyalty in an easier way. And if they don't have the time to do this cause it's a small team. Then please tell me that instead, it makes my decision and planning easier too...
  4. I didn't say 1.7 was better or the way to go. I have already made my decision not to go with 1.7 but I must say I liked this series of articles which declare what is wrong, what needs to be fixed and what the vision of the future is and a coming article which may try to adress the problems. I will still go with TB but I am missing the future vision of the project and any thoughts of how this vision will be realized. It's more than a month since last contribution in GitHub from what I can see and this is what we have been told to look at if we want to "follow the developement".
  5. Doesn't seem so. For those interested, here is Prestashops thoughts about he future: https://build.prestashop.com/news/prestashop-in-2019-and-beyond-part-3-the-future-architecture/
  6. Hi, Wouldn't be possible for Thirtybees crew to give a brief about status of the project that you randomly do? What actual status is and maybe what next step is in roadmap? Always nice to know about plans and maybe a good time to release them in the end of the year? Thanks in advance
  7. Can't really see what you would benefit from this? Seems like a step backwards.
  8. We have 4k products today but we are moving to a bigger warehouse in January and will get lots more in stock. Unfortunately the transporters do count the biggest of volumetric weight or actual weight. We can have a product that's very lightweight but has a big size. I have had a module developer to customize his module to take care of that but it doesn't help when it doesn't take the max size into count. Maybe I can reach out to him again and see if he has a solution for it.
  9. Ok, well my problem isn't only the shipping cost it's also that the cheaper shipping method has a maximum size which only 1 product fits in. If they buy 4 it shouldn't be possible to choose that option at all cause we get punished with extra costs of up to 20 EUR per package that is out of range. If this happens we have to change shipping method and print a new label. But that's me, who knows that we will get this extra costs. If one of my employees will get the same order they will try and pack these 4 products in a bigger box and add the label that has been printed.
  10. Ok, then I understand how it works. Most of the time our shipping works correctly probably cause we have weight on most of our products and also use a table rate shipping module. Probably also why I haven't noticed this until now. Do you know of any box selection modules? Yeah, I understand that there will be many combinations that grow the more products you have but It can't be too hard to count if it would fit or not. Surprised I couldn't find someone else with the same problem when googling.
  11. I noticed a problem with my shipping. Strange I haven't noticed this before but do think it's a faulty behavior by default. If I do have a shipping method with maximum package size of 30cm x 20 cm x 10cm. I then have a product which has a size of 10 x 10 x 5. When buying 1 product the shipping method can be used and the product fits into the parcel. But when buying 4 of the same product the totalt size of the products would be (10 x 10 x 5) x 4 = 40 x 40 x 20. The 4 products doesn't fit into the maximum size of the package. As I have understood the only validation here is if 1 products fits into 1 package and assumes I will send 4 different packages (which would cost me 4 shipping costs). I don't know if it's supposed to work like this but I think it's a faulty behavior. How do you handle this? Are there any modules that can handel this?
  12. Yeah, you can read @lesley earlier answer in this thread. Don't think there have been any changes since that post. We did some investigation to turn off all ASM and let another cloudsoftware take care of everything. We did try some out but ended up buying Prestashop ERP module from Boostmyshop. We then put some money in and let them develop the most critical features for us (which is also available for everyone else in latest versions). We also tried to get some new features developed recently but the price was a little bit too high (about 2000 EUR) to take all by ourselves. So it's the best option we have so far but we are stuck with a module which doesn't seem to get updated that much and also to expensive to develop further on our own.
  13. And if you need a better supplyorder module there are paid modules. They're not perfect either but work better. I have already given up on the original features in Prestashop/TB.
  14. I think musicmaster is pretty harsh here against Thirtybees. I understand the problem and that Thirtybees need to move forward. We all know Thirtybees don't say "tough luck", the problem is that because Thirtybees isn't that big a lot of module developers do.
  15. @Occam I think you should take the opportunity to get this fixed instead of being rude...
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