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  1. I also like the warehouse theme but even if you update it to PHP8 it will still be slow and have an outdated design for which is a pity. I really like the speed of this fork of the original 1.7 theme, however the design is pretty boring. https://addons.prestarocket.com/gb/prestashop-themes/8-theme-classic-rocket.html
  2. In Sweden we mostly use profit margin instead of markup. An improvement would be to be able to choose that instead of markup. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/102714/whats-difference-between-profit-margin-and-markup.asp
  3. Shouldn't you also make some advertising on the webpage for the premium modules? To attract new people to TB?
  4. For $10 a month and no working effort I don't think you can expect that much influence. Why don't you hire another fulltime developer that can work alongside with Datakick? You can develop whatever custom stuff you want to your site but still create PRs and try to stay compatible with this project that you care so much about? If i remember it right Smile asked in the forum for co-founders to the warehouse module. Did you sign up for that?
  5. You are right about this and the business side had always been the problem with Thirtybees. I also agree that it's a fragile project relying on few people. But still, Smile and Datakick are the ones keeping this alive right now. I think it's ok to come up with criticism but you can still do with a better tone than you first did and it's also hard to demand that much for the small amounts paid the project.
  6. I think they have all the rights to decide what they want to do by themself as its financed almost alone by Smile. As you are proposing transparency, would be interesting to know how much you are bringing to the table? I think they listen and also merge alot of pull requests if it's relevant. If you hire your own developer or add pull requests by your own I think they will consider them too but I haven't seen much effort from your side at all.
  7. You must be this forums most negative person. If you want to get it fixed fast why don't you just pay @datakick or any other developer to do it for you?
  8. I have worked with a lot of ERP systems with currency handling and in those the orders have always been saved in the currency used for that customer. But beside this there have also been a separate currency rate table were the conversion rates have been saved for each day for all specified currencies. This made it possible to always convert each order to different currencies by changing currency on the order by a select dropdown.
  9. Don't think he will do it but depending on the cost I am willing to share it with you.
  10. Invest in Prestashop Store manager. It's really good for imports, exports and also managing products and categories.
  11. I have also learned this the hard way. Now we have backup of full cpanel account, to both remote server at our host and also to our own Google drive. DB is backed up every hour to both two remote locations and also a copy every night that is saved for a longer period.
  12. Wow, that's a nightmare. Hope you did solve it quickly.
  13. I am using a 1.6 version of Warehouse. I like the possibility to customize my own way with the Theme editor. An updated theme with similar features would be good.
  14. The predefined is preferable cause the custom one doesn't work with our filter module. Just wondering, when you use length for example in millimeters do you create 1000 predefined features? 1mm to 1000mm? That's an example where we have used custom text.
  15. According to this thread there is supposed to be two releases each year. When is the next release planned?
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