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Just bought some modules, how does the licensing work?


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When I try to download it it says that I need to give the url of my website but I don't have a website yet, I'm working locally. Don't I get the source code when I download it?

I don't want to risk needing to buy the module again.


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Why do I need to fill in my store URL when I download a module or theme? When you download a module or theme from your customer account, you must fill in your store's URL. The module or theme you purchased, which is valid only for a single e-commerce site, will be linked to this URL. This information is important because if you need technical support for a given product, its developer will need this information to act as quickly as possible. If you are on a test environment, enter the address of your future website. If you are not yet sure, you can apply for a change via our contact form later on.

Taken from from PrestaShops FAQ

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