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[Solved] Product packs and combinations + stock in Thirty Bees


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I am wondering if there is made any change or progress is thirty bees concerning packs and the use of combinations. This has not been possible in PS. But a pack with clothing (and its sizes) is really something I am looking forward to.

Also beside this the option that a pack calculates its own stock depending on the products it consists of.

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I can understand! I guess it's only possible once this project is in 1.1 stage. It will be quite a big work... I have coded a similair thing in an internal module. It took me weeks to synchronize all stocks correct. But my module works a bit different, since technically we create normal products for packs.

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Well the only one which can do stock and combinations is: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/cross-selling-product-bundles/1015-advanced-pack-5-create-bundles-of-products.html

If I am correct seems a bit overpriced for what I need..... Any other tip?

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