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change Mail ID in order

I would like to change the order of status messages which are sent to customers (Orders -> Status). And/or i would also hide (or delete) some of the messages.

The thing is, that we only need 3 messages (awaiting payment/bankwire, preparation, shipped). And to make it as much easy as possible, these 3 should be shown correct descending in the list.

How to move these 3 status messages? And/or how to hide the not used messages (this could be optional)?

Unfortunately it seems that the order can not be changed directly in the backend and also not in the database.

Mail IDs in the backend are not identical to the ones in the database.

Thank you and greets

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To show the status messages in the correct order you can add a number before the status like "1. Awaiting Payment, 2. Preparation, etc." That's the way I solved this. For the not used statusses I added NA in front to mark them as not applicable.

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