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  1. Hi there, We want to sell gift cards on our webshop. Is there a gift card module running on Thirtybees (paid or free)? I didn't find one in the TB store. Regards, Piet
  2. Yes you can, in the customer tab, customer services. In customer / contact persons you can specify the to addresses
  3. Hi Dan, We are creating orders in our backoffice, we use TB 1.08, the button is in the right top of the order overview screen. Also changing orders is no issue in our shops. Maybe it has something to do with user rights. Screenprint is in Dutch but you should see the same in any language.
  4. @datakick The error is caused by something with the payment module in combination with TB. It was also an issue in PS 1.6.The error you see in the log is something like this: Frontcontroller::init - Cart cannot be loaded or an order has already been placed using this cart We had a lot of those in the past using PS 1.6 and Mollie module. Since a year or so it has not happened anymore.
  5. You're right carts, my bad. Upgrading is quite easy, use the core updater to upgrade or downgrade to any version you want. Important! always make a backup of files and database first. A lot about upgrading is written on this forum. Success!
  6. Hi, cards (shopping cards) are found in the customer tab. Cards are filled first by the customer before they make an order. It's recommended to upgrade your shop to solve the problems.
  7. Hi, Looks like an old Pretsashop bug. Look in your cards if you see something that matches the order. Which version of TB are you using?
  8. I did some search and found that the person you should contact is @Araz
  9. If you are using Migrationpro module it's better to contact Migrationpro to solve the issue
  10. Nobody is stupid, it's called learning. You start without any knowledge and at the end you're the expert 😉 Yes this is on of the screens you ge when importing products, during the upload process you get more screens. There are examples of upload files in the right you can download, your upload file should look the same.
  11. Is it possible to post some screenprints with the settings you used
  12. Thanks, looks great. I will use this. Maybe @tommat adds this option in the Niara theme 🙂
  13. Hi Christian, Good question. I don't have the answer but I'm curious too. Did you refresh your cash after disabeling the modules or isn't that necessary? Best regards, Piet
  14. Great idea. This will make life a lot easier
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