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  1. Hi Hardy, What version are you using? Working with Niara Theme? There were some known issues with radiobuttons (type radio in search). I give you this link, maybe this will help to solve your issue.
  2. Welcome, You won't regret your choice 🙂 Regards, Piet
  3. @Traumflug Thanks, that's the answer I was waiting for 🙂 I will do the check as mentioned and hopefully is wil give no result.
  4. Is there a reason to go back? 🙂
  5. When I read the mail I had the same question. What about TB?
  6. First off all, Happy Newyear to you all! All modules we work with are still working on Thirtybees so we are happy. @lesley Hope the operation goes well and you recover soon.
  7. When you are logged in as a customer you can duplicate your orders as in the order overview. Is that where you are looking for?
  8. Hebben je klanten het Panda theme opnieuw moeten aanschaffen of het Transformer theme omgeruild voor het Panda theme?
  9. You cannot make perfect software at once but I think the work you guys do is great. Thanks for that. I have one remark. If new users experience the config issue as described in this topic they will look for solutions in the best case or leave and try somethng else. Good documentation how to setup TB with third parties themes is the key I think.
  10. It was also happening in 1.0.7 version as well. I had to do the configuration of the Panda theme manualy .
  11. You can hire experts via the Thirtybees marketplace. (Services tab)
  12. Are you running your test on Windows or Linux? Maybe there is a difference in configuration.
  13. I don't use the Krona module (yet) but I think you have to add restrictions when creating coupons if I understand it right. When creating coupons you only have to add the previous created coupons to the restrictions, every coupon created later will have restrictions of former created coupons so I think it will work. You can however do a manual simulation on a test environmenent to see if the solution meets your expectations.
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