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  1. Are you running your test on Windows or Linux? Maybe there is a difference in configuration.
  2. I don't use the Krona module (yet) but I think you have to add restrictions when creating coupons if I understand it right. When creating coupons you only have to add the previous created coupons to the restrictions, every coupon created later will have restrictions of former created coupons so I think it will work. You can however do a manual simulation on a test environmenent to see if the solution meets your expectations.
  3. It is possible, in the tab conditions select the option compatibility and move all card rules to the non compatible box. Screenprint is in Dutch but should be clear enough I hope.
  4. Hi, Just remembered tha I saw a tutorial once about changing the new creation date. Below the link, maybe this will help you. http://nemops.com/eidt-product-creation-date-thirtybees-prestashop/#.XZ1uk0YzZPY Regards, Piet
  5. Tested everything so far, all is ok exept the home page content. I gave in some text but I never got is on the home page. If you want me to test something just ask, PM me and I will do the tests for you. I'm not a programmer but I want to contribute to this great project as well.
  6. Thanks @zen Just installed the module in my test site. Looks fine. I will test it and give you feedback.
  7. @Traumflug Thanks! Addition of color in global.css did the job. The thing about rebuilding the them is new to me, how do you rebuilt the theme? Is there some tutorial to see?
  8. Hi all, I was looking for an entry in css files to change the text color of following screenshot, located in the Store information section in the footer of the Niara them, until now it's not clear to me where to find the entry. Does someone have an idea how to change this text color? Thanks in advance. Piet
  9. piet

    Gift card module for TB

    Thanks for the info. It should be no problem for our shop to add free shipping if needed. I will test it later and post the results.
  10. piet

    Gift card module for TB

    Always done that 😉 Module works fine, found no issues so far. Right now I'm translating the module. I will contact the developer later to ofeer him the translation and ask him to put it on the TB marketplace. Thanks to all of you.
  11. piet

    Gift card module for TB

    Thanks guys, We are gonna test Mark's suggestion.
  12. piet

    Gift card module for TB

    We already sold one that's where we need it for. 🙂
  13. Hi there, We want to sell gift cards on our webshop. Is there a gift card module running on Thirtybees (paid or free)? I didn't find one in the TB store. Regards, Piet
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