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  1. piet

    Setting up Groups.

    Did you add the group to your items, categories etc?
  2. piet

    Editing Pages

    Hi, I think you can find them in settings/CMS
  3. piet

    cloned shop

    Delete the .htaccess file and cache
  4. Reading all this I came to the conclusion that you should be angry, angry to yourself. Testing something on a live server without any knowledge of the software is not the smartest thing to do. Don't blame the software, blame yourself 😉
  5. Did some googleing and found this https://migration-pro.com/ Contact credentials are on the website
  6. Ok, you should contact Migrationpro. They are the developer of the module. Maybe they will answer your questions. As far as I can se you must have two installations, one is your curren Prestashop and the other one is the Thirtybees shop. The modules connects the two shops and will migrate the data.
  7. Hi @danwarrior, We don't use the chex module so I don't think I can help you. I hope someone else has the solution for you. Best regards, Piet
  8. Hi @danwarrior Wjat you need is already shown on the invoice. If needed you are able to create invoice earlier by making a new order status and set option invoice on for that status. Best regards
  9. Hi @danwarrior, I don't understand what you mean or what you want. If I can help I will but first give more info please.
  10. Hi Owen, Show your shipping settings to review please. You can send me your backoffice login in PB if you want (make new account you can delete it later) to check your settings.
  11. Hi Owen, The address is ok but it's not showing any shipment options for SA. Please show all your shipment settings to review.
  12. Owen, Just tried to give in an address in SA on your site, it came up with following error, no field the to select the state.
  13. Hi Owen, I've noticed you have different weight ranges, maybe your product weigt is out of those ranges. You can also try different price ranges and change your billing method to see if this will work.
  14. Did you check your regional settings? You are able to select a zone or country per shipping method. May those settings are not correct. Make some screenprints of your shipping methodes in your backoffice
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