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Paypal on one page guest checkout


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Hi, when selecting Paypal as a guest with one page checkout it is possible to make a payment without entering any address beforehand. Consequently no order shows up in the shop. Is it possible to add a function there to check that before redirecting to Paypal to process the payment? Thanks!

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OMG ! you are right. I just tried this in my 1.0.7 with Paypal 5.3.3
but in my case the payment was successful (paypal sandbox) and the order appears in the BO with customer address which is saved in Paypal sandbox account.

This means, in this case the data was transfered into my BO and i see the order. But this behavior is quite strange and should not be possible. It seems that there are still some Paypal problems, also this: https://forum.thirtybees.com/topic/2391/paypal-return-url

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