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java script error




I use visual composer and today a new problem appeared (this problem could be there in the previous 2 weeks or so, but not before). I realized that depending on the user, navigator and private mode or not, it creates an error that blocks the editor so it doesn't work. It is not about cookies as private mode also creates the error. As I did not updated the module** in the last few months is strange for me that now, it doesnt work from one day to another.

The hosting technical service, tells me is a javascript error with the jquery library. No idea what does it means hahaha but could this have relation with some recent module updates? I update them the days before to the 1.0.8 release (I still have 1.0.7 version, I only updated the modules). Could this have an impact? It seems difficult to be that but I do not find another update or modification in the last 2 weeks.

It is quite curious because the error is not "regular". User 1 in chrome works fine User 1 in chrome and private mode does NOT work. User 2 in chrome doesn't work. User 2 in mozilla works in my computer, but it doesn't in another computer

It seems like a cookie issue but User 1 does not work in private mode :/ and I have clean cookies and cache a few times

Any idea? this is the screenshot of the error when it doesnt appear the editor screen


** I updated the module, update broke some things, so I restored the backup. In theory now is like it has been since months

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Cache also has problems and when it is activated, it changes the web appearance (fonts in different colors, css...). I tried to delete cache at backoffice and also manual.

Chrome console shows some errors: When cache is not activated, appearance is correct and some errors appear:


When cache is activated, appearance is wrong and this are the error that chrome console shows (1 error more):


Any ideas?

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When you want to debug javascript errors your first step should be to disable minimization (the CCC functions). As far as I can see you didn't do that.

Always start with the first error message. In your first picture that is iris.min.js. That doesn't look like a TB file. If you move your mouse over the filename in the console you see its full path and say something about to which module it belongs.

ERRBLOCKEDBY _CLIENT most likely means that some addblocker or anti-malware software that you installed blocked a file.

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