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How to sort products by reference in AdminOrders ?


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@Domas search in file AdminOrdersController.php for the function "getProducts($order)"

And try to add this before the return:

array_multisort( array_column($products, "reference"), SORT_ASC, $products );

If it works, I would suggest to make an override afterwards...

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@wakabayashi Thanks, working. How can add another sort arraymultisort( arraycolumn($products, "reference"), SORTASC, $products, array_column($products, "location"), SORT_ASC, $products ); doesn't working. I want to sort products by reference(it's already working) and location (from table productwarehouse_location)

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Not sure. In general this sounds a bit strange to me. You have multiple times the same reference? I have just googled. Maybe this works:

// get a list of sort columns and their data to pass to array_multisort $sort = array(); foreach($products as $k=>$v) { $sort['reference'][$k] = $v['reference']; $sort['location'][$k] = $v['location']; } // sort by event_type desc and then title asc array_multisort($sort['reference'], SORT_DESC, $sort['location'], SORT_ASC,$products);

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