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Product links don't work


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I want to keep the Prestashop linking system. So I copied the link descriptions from my Prestashop installation (see attached picture). But it doesn't work. Neither the category links (like http://www.bilbil.com/34-chocolade), nor the product links (like http://www.bilbil.com/geslaagd/155-snoepblik-geslaagd.html) work. They result in 404s.

In addition I have a problem that on my home page some pictures show the file-not-found image. But they do have an image and I can't get the image to show. Take for example http://www.bilbil.com/5722-homedefault/chocolade-munten-50-gram.jpg. This should refer to http://www.bilbil.com/img/p/5/7/2/2/5722-homedefault.jpg. But that image is there and the "pretty url" not.


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@lesley said in Product links don't work:

Not overrides in your installation allow overrides in apache, https://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.4/mod/core.html#allowoverride

Sorry, this evades me. I thought we talked about TB/PS overrides and suddenly you refer to Apache overrides.

What is your point? Is there something wrong with my Apache configuration?

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It might be that DO had to redo things for Ubuntu 18.04. I set this droplet up two months ago and probably since then they repaired some bugs (in my install there was no Mysql password).

I used to prefer Virtualmin but the fact that nowadays they don't even activate php reduced my trust.

One curious question: I understand that my pretty url's did not work without overrides enabled. But what puzzles me is that on the homepage most of the images (80% at least) were shown correctly despite being a pretty url. How could that be?

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