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Revoult payment module


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Yes I have ask.

For now, our integrations include Xero, FreeAgent, Slack and Zapier but we are working on introducing new integrations and extending our offer. It will be possible to introduce your app of choice via API with our sandbox demo account. You can check it out here: https://revolutdev.github.io/business-api/#demo-account

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They just wrote that there is API and demo account for developers.

From fee perspective and exchange rates there are the best at the market.

I will write some info: Business accounts are divided into Freelancer account for 6,99 GBP (or currency equivalent) and Company accounts. For company account we offer 3 different pricing plan. Plan for 25 GBP - the Start plan - will grant you a top up limit of 100,000 GBP (or currency equivalent); the Standard plan for 100 GBP per month refers to a top up limit of up to 1,000,000 GBP and the Professional plan for 1000 GBP has no top up limit. As for additional charges, the Standard delivery fee for a business card is 4,99 GBP and the Express delivery is 11,99 GBP. We also charge a small fee for ATM withdrawals. It's 2% of the withdrawn amount. We do not charge for any transfers, however, when it comes to international payments, the intermediary banks may put a small processing fee on your incoming or outbound payment. These are the only fees you can expect from Revolut.

Now they have got a EU banking license.

Stripe frauds cost me a lot so I am looking for alternative.

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