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Webservice - HTTP XML response is not parsable



Good afternoon!
I created a webservice key ThirtyBees/Bling (Brazil ERP) and when testing, the error message appears:
Problem in configuration. HTTP XML response is not parsable: array ( 0 => LibXMLError::__set_state(array( 'level' => 3, 'code' => 4, 'column' => 1, 'message' => 'Start tag expected, \'<\' not found ', 'file' => '', 'line' => 1, )), )

I tested it with other integration services and the error is the same.
Has anyone gone through this or is it the way to correct themselves?

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57 minutes ago, datakick said:

Hello @datakick
Thank you very much for the attention, but it is not the "debug mode".
I got to look at everything, including the database and nothing is abnormal.
Now I decided to do a test:
I removed my domain and tried to integrate with the temporary url and it worked. This proves that the problem is not in the platform but in my domain.

Again thank you very much for the attention and I leave here the Feedback that there was no problem in Thirtybees, the problem is in my DNS. 😉


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