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Can't generate delivery slips after migration



I just migrated from prestashop 1.6.16 and when I try to generate pdf delivery slips by date I get this error:


Argument 1 passed to HTMLTemplateDeliverySlipCore::__construct() must be an instance of OrderInvoice, instance of OrderInvoiceCore given, called in /home/fredfred/public_html/classes/range/pdf/PDF.php on line 98
at line 34 in file classes/range/pdf/HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php

29.  */
30. class HTMLTemplateDeliverySlipCore extends HTMLTemplate
31. {
32. 	public $order;
34. 	public function __construct(OrderInvoice $order_invoice, $smarty)
35. 	{
36. 		$this->order_invoice = $order_invoice;
37. 		$this->order = new Order($this->order_invoice->id_order);
38. 		$this->smarty = $smarty;



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there shouldn't be any directory classes/range/pdf

I suspect you accidentally copied directory classes/pdf to classes/range/pdf. This can confuse autoloader, because there are now two classes with the same name.

To fix this

1) ensure that directory classes/pdf exists and that it contains file HTMLTemplateDeliverySlip.php

2) delete directory classes/range/pdf

3) delete file cache/class_index.php

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