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Smaty cache takes too much SSD space for some modules



Hi there, by analyzing space problems on my SSD hosting I found out that smary cache for two modules take almost 0,5 GB (...cache/smarty/cache). They are crosselling and productcategory. The folders are full with single directories and files. Why they are so huge? Any possibility to turn off smarty cache for this particular ones?



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Ok, understood. How can I deactivate smarty cache for this module? Is it sufficient to add $smarty->caching = false to the respective template file? Or is there another place to control cache per module (I just want to deactivate cache for only this one module). Thanks!

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If you really want to disable caching, then one would replace

return $this->display(__FILE__, 'productscategory.tpl', $this->getCacheId($cache_id));


return $this->display(__FILE__, 'productscategory.tpl');

Trick is to remove cache_id from display and it will not write caches. Do it in all places where you want to disable caches.

After doing so check if shop did not slow down.

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