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I have checked https://docs.thirtybees.com/installation/ for the server requirements and did not find it very exciting 😉

We have installed a plain brand new thirty bees. But I found it very slow... >4000 ms


I have attached the statistics and cache settings used...

I am wondering can I do more? Because I expect I do something wrong on this test site. We run on a VPS.




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7.1 all done, Netherlands.

Well soon we hope to migrate. This is just one of the preparations. Maybe we decide to get some support hours to optimize the server and installation.


Looking at the browser and just bu browsing through the site i found it slow and decided to look into it... I also did those two test which strangely do very well.



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The internet is a complicated thing. I like to test with several different tests, that way you can rule out localized problems. It does not matter how optimized your site is, if there is an issue between you and the destination server, the loading time will be affected. 


If you really want to monitor and test things, you can spin up a digital ocean droplet and use sitespeed.io, we have a post on our blog about it. 

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