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Panda Theme - Responsive Image Grid Question


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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently building a new store using the Panda theme but I'm having trouble getting the Advanced Banner module to do something I just expected it would do out of the box. Basically, I created a group of four images (see illustration below) and what I wanted them to do on a small screen is collapse into a single column. Instead, images are simply resized which just isn't going to work (just too small).


Am I using the wrong module for the task at hand or have I missed something? Also, has anyone managed somehow to get this to work with Panda, perhaps with a different module entirely?

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Wow! Problem solved. And like you said, it was easy to fix.

Jonny, thank you so much in solving this issue for me. Hopefully, this will help other head-scratchers like me. 😉

And by-the-way, I think your Panda theme is by far the best theme I have ever used or seen by a country mile. I am so, so impressed. Well done. And if you ever release Panda 2 for TB, I'll be sure to get it.

Thank you once again.

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