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  1. Jonny

    WebP image format

    If your theme supports WebP, then you can find an option on the "BO>Images" page to enable WebP, Panda theme v1 for TB supports WebP, here is a demo http://thirtybees.sunnytoo.com/en/
  2. I guess that's a time-out error 1. Enable the "Skip thumbnails regeneration" option, because generating thumbnails would cost a lot of time, you can generate thumbnails later. 2. Split your csv files to small ones, like 10 products per file.
  3. Jonny

    Image issue

    I guess you meant that the zoom feature didn't work? Check if you have all required image types.
  4. Jonny

    Image format does nothing

    Don't worry about that. If the .png image you uploaded has transparent background, you can check its .jpg thumbnails, they also have transparent background, because they are actually already in png format, but with a .jpg suffer fix. As for as I know, it's 100% okay to use .jpg suffix for png format images.
  5. Jonny

    Panda right cart button doesn't work correctly

    Send me your site url via a private message, so I can help you find the syntax error out.
  6. Jonny

    Panda right cart button doesn't work correctly

    You can use Firefox which shows html syntax errors in red.
  7. Jonny

    Panda right cart button doesn't work correctly

    Check for html syntax errors on the product page.
  8. Jonny

    Problem with url blocklayered filter

    The problem doesn't exist on my local. Check this video Panda 1 +TB 1.0.7 https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cqetXd0NyO There might be a js error on your site.
  9. Jonny

    High Res Images on Panda

    Disable the "Retina" setting in the Theme editor module.
  10. Jonny

    Payment errors

    Hi, More like a problem of the paypal module you are using. I don't have much knowledge about the PS paypal module, try upgrading it to the latest version, if the problem still exists, try reaching the developer of the module to ask them to check what's wrong. If the problem still can't be figured out, contact me to check as the last resort.
  11. Jonny

    Block Categories in Footer

    1. Replace this code $this->smarty->assign('numberColumn', $numberColumn); in the \modules\blockcategories\blockcategories.php file with $this->smarty->assign('numberColumn', $nbrColumns); 2. Replace the \themes\panda\modules\blockcategories\blockcategories_footer.tpl file with the one in the attachment, see the pic below, I've highlighted all changes out. blockcategories_footer.tpl
  12. Jonny

    Block Categories in Footer

    That setting was deprecated for a very long time, even the TB's community theme doesn't use it any more. I you do need it I can guide you to do some changes to the \modules\blockcategories\blockcategories.php and the \themes\panda\modules\blockcategories\blockcategories_footer.tpl to make it work.
  13. Which text editor you are using, I guess it's more about file format or something, That code is syntax correct with or without curly brackets. Try using the cPanle's editor to apply the change, see attached pic, you can copy that code to change it, don't copy the code I sent you above.
  14. Don't worry, the module can work fine with Panda theme, actually most 3rd modules can work with Panda theme, don't worry too much about compatibility. Panda theme didn't do any changes to the way of how TB works, so as long as a module is compatible with TB, then it can work fine Panda theme functionally.