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  1. Don't worry, the module can work fine with Panda theme, actually most 3rd modules can work with Panda theme, don't worry too much about compatibility. Panda theme didn't do any changes to the way of how TB works, so as long as a module is compatible with TB, then it can work fine Panda theme functionally.
  2. Try adding this code to the \controllers\admin\AdminImportController.php file. if ($forceIds || $matchRef) $product->deleteFeatures(); I didn't test it, because of I don't want to install the "advancedfeaturesvalues" module which overrides several files. Test it by yourself on a development site first.
  3. You can do a small customization to the CSV import feature to remove feature values first, and then import new values.
  4. You are probably not using the native CSV import feature. In your case with the native CSV import feature, it's not possible to assign both 200 and 300 to the "Rental price" feature, the old value 200 will be replaced by the new value 300.
  5. Jonny

    Panda Theme - Responsive Image Grid Question

    You can achieve what you wanted easily, see attached pics.
  6. Send me your FTP and back office login details via a message, I will you upgrade the advanced banner module manually.
  7. Jonny

    Update stock, tags, and weight from csv

    Add this code to the \controllers\admin\AdminImportController.php else{ unset($product->tags[$key]); } This fix can be added to next version of TB.
  8. Jonny

    Update stock, tags, and weight from csv

    That's a problem of your csv file, see attached pic, I got the same error when I tried to add an empty tag. I will soon send you a small fix to don't add empty tags to avoid having the error.
  9. @Kleijn36 Upgrading the advanced banner module can fix the problem. Go to BO>Modules page, the module will be upgraded automatically.
  10. @Steve Don't worry, everything will be fine, because TB is compatible with both php 5 and php 7. It recommended to use php 7.1.x which balances speed and compatibility very well.
  11. I didn't know panda theme had compatibility problems with PHP7.2, I am going to do some tests, if it does have compatibility problems with PHP7.2, I will fix them immediately. @Steve Please let me know if you find any compatibility problems PHP7.2. Most hosting companies allow you to change the php version using cPanel, search for "php Configuration" in your cPanel.
  12. Jonny

    Custom One Page Checkout

    That's a nice feature suggestion, I've marked it down, the current checkout page is too long, but adjusting the layout may cause visual compatibility problems with some 3rd party modules.
  13. By creating a full screenshot slider, and then set to reduce the height of header.
  14. Different screens have different width, you are unable to set one height for all by using the Iosslider module. You can use the Revolution slider included in panda v1 to achieve what you wanted.