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[solved] http instead of https

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I have a shop running under https. However, part of the shop seems not to have got the message and I am puzzled why.

If you try to create a new customer account or login in an existing one you get "TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to save account Details: Error thrown: [object Object] Text status: error". If you look in the console it is because you are mixing http and https. The form for those transactions has an http: action. 

With search - an ordinary search instead of Ajax - you get (this is debug mode) This page has moved with a link to an http: address. If you are out of debug mode you get "Too many redirects".

I looked at the source in order-opc-new-account.tpl. But that has for customer account form the standard link: {$link->getPageLink('authentication', true, NULL, "back=order-opc")|escape:'html':'UTF-8'}

You can try at my testshop at www.bilbil.com.

I am using php 7.2

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I would get your hosting to recheck your SSL setting , might be someone turned off or missing 

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