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[solved] A very slow site

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I am working on a new shop but it is very slow. My homepage takes 32 seconds. When I switch profiling on there is one query that is responsible for 28 of the 32 (see image). Does anyone have an idea what is happening here?

This is TB 1.08 on PHP 7.2.


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18 minutes ago, musicmaster said:

Solved. Some indexes were missing.

Can you explain more? I would have thought the installaion would automatically set all the correct indexes.

Our site is a little slow, so how would i check those indexes and correct them?

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This installation was copied from a local computer to the server. But the file was to big so only half the tables were filled. So I made a new sql file for the second half of the tables. That worked ok. But I had forgotten that the indexes are always at the bottom of a sql file. So those for the first half had never been executed.

The only way to check whether a table is indexed is to have a look in phpmyadmin. When your main tables such as ps_product are ok it is unlikely there is a problem. If you find something missing you can copy the settings from a fresh install of the same TB version.

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