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How to make openpay compatible?


Hey guys ! 


I used to have this module called "openpay"

They had a module for PS1.6 and now they are switching to ps1.7 

I found the old module for PS 1.6

Under https://github.com/open-pay/openpay-prestashop


However it's not working properly. 

Could someone help this poor soul to fix the module ? It install itself correctly however it's not working, for example when using the test environment, it shows a problem 

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We might be able to help if you'd tell us what's going wrong. "not working properly" can mean anything.

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you are right, let me clarify.

whenever i test to make an order i enter the test card number 

and press pay i get this message:



Sorry, unfortunately an error occurred during the transaction.

Please double-check your credit card details and try again or feel free to contact us to resolve this issue.

Your Orders Reference: FESAFLNVO

now, in the backoffice i do get the order as Paid. 



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