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this is what i was using in the htaccess 

Redirect 301 /halloween-nail-decals.html https://naildots.com/items/Halloween-Nail-Decals
Redirect 301 /4th-july-nail-decals.html http://naildots.com/items/fourth-of-july-nail-decals
Redirect 301 /about-nail-dots.html http://naildots.com/items/info/details/about-us
Redirect 301 /animal-nail-decals.html http://naildots.com/items/animals
Redirect 301 /april-holiday-nail-decals.html http://naildots.com/items/seasonal
Should i try your method?  mine worked.... until it didn't...   why "Match"  and what is up arrow?  and $???  
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54 minutes ago, LauraJ said:

can i redirect on each page?  Traumflog's advice above said that's not a good idea....

Oh, I didn't want to say that redirecting in general is a bad idea. Just that redirecting from one URL to the same, identical URL is a bad idea.

Perhaps most of your trouble goes away if you change the URL a bit. Old URL: https://naildots.com/items/, new URL just https://naildots.com/ . And then without a category items/, to avoid having identical URLs again.

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Actually I can’t answer why is there up arrow and $ sign, but it is working for me like that. 

You could try it in your file and if something goes wrong just remove the line. 

You could check if the old url is redirecting on: www.redirect-checker.org for example

i just found next example in the ps forum:

RedirectMatch 301 old_url1 new_url1

RedirectMatch 301 old_url2 new_url2

RedirectMatch 301 old_url3 new_url3

If mine doesn’t do the job, try with the above.

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