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Change from Prestashop - Create Account SPAM

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Hello Thirty Bees Community - I'm still with Prestashop (multistore) but an thinking of making the change to 3B or shopify

2 things have happened within the last 2 days

1 - the making of spam accounts that link to porn sites - there is a fix in prestahop , is there a fix in TB?

2 - all my specific (sales) prices have gone missing?? where there 2 days ago but all gone now -  any knowledge on this? no end date listed on back end - on backend & frontend - i guess I can buy a module to add sale prices as it would take me days to do manually -  but have you heard of this before? could it be due to no. 1 above?


many thanks








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Wow. This appears to happen quite often. Three such questions in the last two days.

Anyway, here's the solution:


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Hi Amanda, glad to see you here.

Shopify has a spam problem too without any solutions to solve it that I could find. I've never heard of 3B.

I decided to stick with ThirtyBees (Prestashop 1.6) because although PS 1.7 has lots of bells and whistles the core code was having way too many issues. I kept looking at Shopify but honestly, it has problems too, and they seem spendy to resolve. I have a working site and all-in-all I am really happy with ThirtyBees.

A month or two ago I had a lot of email spammers so I added the 'No Captcha reCaptcha Module' (Free) and it solved the email spammers problem instantly. 

In the last few days I was getting fake registrations, so today I came on here and followed the directions and now the problem has gone (This is how I found your post). Other than that I rarely need to come to the forums for help.

If you are thinking of coming over to TB you may want to look at the Panda theme.

Best of luck in your endeavor.

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