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How to display Group Price when logged in


The site has a number of user groups each with their own discount setting.

When a user logs in to the site we need the prices shown to reflect their group's discount and not simply display the full non discounted value.

At the moment the full price is being displayed to everyone.

How do you achieve this?

Later I will be adding a module that only displays prices when a user is logged in and then I need the correct price to be shown.


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This should happen already. At least with discounts set in back office -> Customers -> Groups -> (edit).

One can look up back office -> Customers -> Customers -> (click), in one of the panels is a list of groups a customer belongs to.

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Hi Traumflug,
Thank you.

I did not notice that the test user saved without being set in the correct group. This is why the discounting did not seem to work as per your suggestion.

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