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Why is the title of a blog post wrapped in a H4 tag?


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Just wondering why the title of a blog post is wrapped in an H4 tag instead of an H1 tag in post.tpl? An H1 tag makes much more sense for a title and it is also better from a SEO point of view. Any particular reason?

Of course, I can change it in post.tpl but then it will be overwritten with an update of that file.

I just discovered that there is SEO category too on this forum. Probably, this post should be moved to that category. But I don't know how.

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It's common practice on the web to title blog posts with an H4 tag called "heading level 4." This is because "h4" looks better in most browsers than other tags like "h2,"  H4 tag is used to display the title of a blog post in a smaller font so that it is more readable on mobile devices. This helps readers quickly and easily identify the content of a particular post you have written about.

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