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funnel - customer flow - feature request


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Feature request:

I would be beneficial to add by default option that all steps are visible like a link. step1, step2, thank-you page/history etc.

It would be much easier to create a funnel and see customer flow. Where customer exit in which step etc.

Integrate it with google analitics, piwik, hotjar etc.

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In thirtybees itself.

There are stats now with many not used stats. Normally presta or bees record a lot of connection and it does not make nothing useful with that.

There is no funnel option where you can see e.g

How many users come your store. From which url or/and keywords users came.

Then how many users will click on: a) product b) category page c)contact etc.

How many people click on register or add to card and placed iten to basket. How many register or are return customer How many stop on which step during the order at this step.

Compare months or years and see what is going on the business.

Have info and analize from this website people exit on this step. or general people exit in step two etc.

You can have a look and correct step, make more easy -UX and add some small things like extra info or help.

Google Analitics give you some info but it is only for last 6months and there is limited.

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@michael I hope you are well? Google Analytics, PiWik, HotJar all have goals funnels that you can setup by a number of dimensions. Heck, you could setup goal funnels for just about anything. Is your query more about how you would accomplish that task? There isn't a need for a module. It's more about content we need to produce for you all.

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@dprophitjr does hotjar work with log in users

for my experience you can not set up funnel as there is no visible URL that you can add it to hot jar.

2nd this is that it does not support log in users, so all videos will be cut during customer log in

Other "apps" would be the same I believe. there will no all data

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This is not what I mean.

There is no data layred.

There is no tracking every single click. It is possible to do that via tag manager and then using google Analytics.

You can track e.g.

Guest - someone who is not registered Customer - someone who is registered and logged

When guest click to add a product you see that. You can see which product and where has been clicked, where customer exit the shop.

You can then check if there are any problem with some group of customers, OS, or devices. (e.g there is new browser and there is some problem with shop).

You can then watch customers using e.g https://metrica.yandex.com/ to find a problem and fix them.

The same you can do with customers, see what customer add to card and when customer exit, leave the card. Then watch and determine what is the problem and what need to be fixed.

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I'd like to try HotJar and see where customers leave the checkout flow. I have the 5 step flow. In order to create a tracking flow, however, I need to have links for each step of the funnel. However, each step looks like https://www.shop.com/de/order. Is there anyway I can get a URL for each step of the checkout?

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