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Shipping Setup

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I have read all of the documentation I could find here and 1.6 PS.  Shipping setup seems to be pretty confusing to me.  I am new to TB and PS for that matter.   I have even watched videos.  None of it seems to make sense.  Here goes..

2 choices shipping based on price or weight.  Not sure why you would use Price (I assume this just guessing).  Carriers use weight and size.

So I chose weight.  Then on the products I put in the weight of the item.

Then in carriers if you add USPS it asks for Ranges and cost.  Which is a bit strange.  Since the cost is different for type of service and weight.  How does the system know if the price is for First class vs Parcel?  

I do note there are or were some modules to help with some of this.  I found a EasyPost module https://addons.prestashop.com/en/preparation-shipping/21273-easy-post-pro-dhl-gls-dpd-colissimo-royalmail-etc.html over in PS supposed to work with most carriers.  Doesn't seem to work to well or I don't know what I am doing.

I think I just need a overview of what I have to do to make shipping calculate correctly in general. 

Also advice on a module that works with USPS, UPS, and FEDEX with buying/ printing/labels would be great.  I saw the ones from Presto Chango.  I can really tell what it does or how it works.


I love the fork BTW.



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First, welcome to thirty bees!

If there are options you don't need, don't use them 🙂

Shipping costs by price is for those who want to give e.g. free shipping for all purchases above € 75.-.

Distinct services of one company, e.g. USPS Parcel vs. USPS First Class, get treated like distinct carriers. Set up both and the customer is allowed to choose what s/he likes.

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Thanks Traumflug.  I have been lurking a bit.  I like all the work you all have put in on the Fork.  I plan to donate once I fully understand if I can use the software.

I have watched Nemo's Videos and they help alot.  I am starting to assume shipping is more of a Guess than Accurate pricing.  Seem like based on weight we could get really close if the shipping system was coded to take all of the rules in place or have more options to allow input of said rules.  Which I assume would be a huge undertaking.


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