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  1. https://blog.maxmind.com/2019/12/18/significant-changes-to-accessing-and-using-geolite2-databases/ Now what?
  2. Maybe I don't get you here. If you are shipping items in 1 box. Either the shipping is free or it isn't. Based on what you have setup in carriers. If I order 1 item that is .1 kg or less it is free. If I but 2 .1kg items its not free. Based on weight once you cross the weight limit for which you are charging shipping the the system charges based on the total weight of the order. There is no Free shipping item. It all cumulative.
  3. I suppose yes. I am wondering when all of this great work on this area of the system will be included in the Stable side. Thanks again.
  4. Yes this post should be deleted or updated.. calling @lesley
  5. Praise GOD... @datakick thanks for this Its never to late to complain.... I wont be able to test until next week my test site is down 🙄
  6. You have all the ranges setup? In the carrier section? You also put in a address and post code in checkout?
  7. It is kind of funny.. The US asked for this in the 19th century. Now we are leaving. The only thing it seems to do is it to calculate shipping cost based on routes and country. It seems like we shouldn't need a big bureaucracy for that theses days. It's also an agreement and looks like some countries don't like the agreement. Sounds like it needs to be for every item you send me it should cost X based on a standard formula.
  8. I think you can delete this in blockCMS. If you are wanting to get rid of it. Oh sorry you are looking at mobile.
  9. More info needed. What carriers do you have set up? Do you get shipping data like prices in checkout? I can find a lot of data on how it is used. Did you use it in the old ps 1.6? I looked here on GitHub I don't see any issues logged against the module. https://github.com/thirtybees/carriercompare even the old PS module has on one issue. https://github.com/PrestaShop/carriercompare/
  10. Also you know I agree with you. I am not talking about my expectations. I am talking about greed and reality. You always have order and chaos. Good and evil. It what we do with those feelings that make difference.
  11. Greed is not a USA thing only. You can’t regulate immoral behavior. The climate will change based on what the market (the consumer) can bare. So if people leave PayPal they get the message. If they don’t they keep stealing. Also I wouldn’t count on governments to do anything of real substance. It’s based on the collective people. Which goes back to who all cares and actually does something. In general are you canceling your account? The answer should be yes.
  12. I am sure Square will change their policy soon. Currently they still refund fees. However they posted on the website they were having really high use and call volume. Wonder why? Greed is old news. I actually expect it. Not that I condone it. Especially when companies get “big” and lots of users. They start seeing math different if we just add up all the refund fees. Wow what’s that number? It’s like ATT, cable, utility company and on and on. Wonder when Square will change?
  13. Speed is good. Ease of use. Or you pretty much just paid and never started an email account at all? glad your well. I was worried.
  14. As my wife usually states.. "what you mean it just doesn't work..." I have said it a few times this week alone. You have to unlatch your programmer mind and think like a user. It should be KISS and standards based. In this example: We all grew up filling out address' we were taught how from like age 13. So we expect it to just be that standard.
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