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  1. Factor

    cPanel price increases

    Is good. It’s different but good. Been around along time.
  2. Factor

    cPanel price increases

    It’s all POSIX... Linux uses a term called Distro short for distribution. Slackware, red hat, Debian, arch, gentoo all Linux. Just different coders and philosophy .. like TB and PS. BSD is posix as well. It’s not Linux. It’s it own animal. It strengthens is in the Server area. Debian distro is the father of Ubuntu if you have heard of them. It is long touted the most stable distro. It has the longest release cycle usually. CentOS came from Redhat once they when sort of commercial.
  3. Factor

    cPanel price increases

    Just FYI. Here is the link. https://cpanel.net/pricing/
  4. Factor

    Problem with product URLs

    You have double posted. Your original question is here. @wakabayashi can we merge this?
  5. Factor

    Problem with product URLs

    Did you set that in SEO and Urls? http://nemops.com/customize-prestashop-urls/#.XRZgKpNKjUI Start around 4:41 If it has a * its required. This section enables you to change the default pattern of your links. In order to use this functionality, thirty bees' "Friendly URL" option must be enabled, and Apache's URL rewriting module (mod_rewrite) must be activated on your web server. There are several available keywords for each route listed below; note that keywords with * are required! To add a keyword in your URL, use the {keyword} syntax. If the keyword is not empty, you can add text before or after the keyword with syntax {prepend:keyword:append}. For example {-hey-:meta_title} will add "-hey-my-title" in the URL if the meta title is set.
  6. Factor

    How to create a buy 3 and get the third one free?

    Can't you use a cart rule? is it for specific products? or is for an entire category?
  7. Factor

    How to create a buy 3 and get the third one free?

    And new ones... welcome back.. you must be selling alot to keep you away.
  8. Factor

    Can't select category root in multistore

    Did you turn multistore on in PS before you migrated? Maybe if you had it off during the migration TB couldn't migrate the old data correctly. Did you go back to the old store and turn Multistore back on in PS 1.6 are you sure it worked there?
  9. Factor

    Can't select category root in multistore

    You don't say what theme you are using. Have you checked the Block top menu to see what is selected there? also did you go to block layered navigation. check the theme pages.
  10. Factor

    can't update combinations quantity

    I have no issue. Your not like adding new attributes as you go and not rebuilding the combo are you? Combos act weird if you don't rebuild. here is a video explaining. Start around 6.45. http://nemops.com/prestashop-attributes/#.XRZWbZNKjUI Nemo's whole series is great btw.
  11. Factor

    Database tuning Tid Bit

    All: I wanted you all to have this its just a tid bit of a Guide I am working on for MariaDB and or Mysql. I wanted to tell you about a cool tuning script called tuning-primer.sh. Should work on CentOS 7 if you have other disto may need to install bc with other package manager. #requires bc to be installed yum install bc -y #install and correct permissions cd /usr/bin wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mattiabasone/tuning-primer/master/tuning-primer.sh -O tuning-primer.sh chmod +x tuning-primer.sh #make a backup of your current config cp /etc/my.cnf /etc/my.cnf.bak #run script for output on centos backend sh tuning-primer.sh Begaining output looks like this: # sh tuning-primer.sh -- MYSQL PERFORMANCE TUNING PRIMER -- - By: Matthew Montgomery - MySQL Version 10.4.6-MariaDB x86_64 Uptime = 0 days 13 hrs 59 min 21 sec Avg. qps = 0 Total Questions = 44479 Threads Connected = 1 Warning: Server has not been running for at least 48hrs. It may not be safe to use these recommendations Once you have it installed and run it will tell you areas to improve in the config file (my.cnf). Also your Mysql server needs to be up for at least 2 days between changes. PS I didn't write this script. Hope this helps.
  12. Factor

    Panel's you use and like?

    All: Since we have so many countries represented here. Tell us why you use the panel you use.
  13. Factor

    Panel's you use and like?

    I have heard good things about them (CWP) as a free panel. I try them about once a year. I have even donated (the Pro version). I spun up a vps and trying them out to see how far they have come. Sorry to hear about cloudways. I checked them out couldn’t get the concept.
  14. Factor

    Webservice (API) 403 Error

    I found this on their site. Talks about “Options SymLinksIfOwnerMatch” being more secure. You could test this. http://wiki.centos-webpanel.com/options-followsymlinks-not-allowed
  15. Factor

    Panel's you use and like?

    Apparently the poll closed. I thought I set it to a month.