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How to create a buy 3 and get the third one free?

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8 hours ago, wakabayashi said:

I will create a banner for her. So this "problem" should be "fixed". 🙂

It's beautiful! Thank you very much. I waited four years for someone to be able to do this. Now I'm really happy I came back here.

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8 hours ago, Traumflug said:

This text is embedded in the image, here's the sample banner: https://github.com/thirtybees/blockbanner/blob/master/img/sale70.png (also in modules/blockbanner/img/ in your shop installation).

Accordingly, to create a different text, it needs a different image, made by GIMP or PhotoShop.

Thank you for the advice, Markus. I'm not capable of that change. It's good to have so many friends!  :)

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