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when installing transformer theme automatic modules uninstall/install panel does not appear



I downloaded and installed TB 1.0.8 and did a fresh install to do some tests.

One thing that I noticed straight away id that some translation strings are missing, so in the various configuration panels some fields are shown but the title is absent, eg. google maps api key, I had look in another older installation to guess what that empty field is in the new installation.

Also in the modules panel, a warning was appearing but without text, so was hard to remember that maybe was the warning about the bankwire payment module not being configured (at least I think was related to that...)

However the main strange thing I am seeing is that when I install the transformer theme the usual question "which modules you do want to disable and which to enable..." is not shown, the them is installed right away, then all tb modules which the theme would uninstall are still installed as before and no ST module are installed as expected, also in the images configuration panel I find no new types as expected.

Is this function to automatically uninstall / install modules when installing a new theme removed? Or for some reason i s not working?

Thank you



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This extra page on theme installation was removed recently, that's true. But not with 1.0.8, it's 1.1.x and later only.

Modules don't get uninstalled, they get disabled. Which means, they keep their settings. They can get re-enabled in Modules and Services any time.

Simple point of this intermediate page removal is, themes should appear as the theme developer designed them, not appear depending on what modules were installed or not installed before. If a merchant has a different idea about how the theme should look, s/he can change this with the theme already installed.

Another thing changed with 1.1.x: many modules are no longer considered to be theme related, like updater modules, like dashboard modules, like statistics and payment modules. These are left untouched on theme changes. It was a bit odd to see statistics modules in back office disabled or newly installed just because the front office theme changed.

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Posted (edited)


Well ^^, then I got a version 1.0.8 where that extra dialogue to decide which modules enable or disable is already removed.

Yes, in fact I was used to install the theme and find it ready as the developer intended to present it, then of course one could always change a few thing or many things.

In this case I got this theme with over 30 modules or alike and was a sort of pain to disable all duplicate function modules from TB and enable all the modules of the developer, that apge was useful as one could decide whatever, leave everything as the developer suggests, keeps everything as it is of fast decide what to do on the spot, eg. disable some less or more and viceversa enable less or more of the new modules according to needs or preferences....

I missed that page 🙂

By the way, so far is good to know that is not just a bug but effectively was removed, while I hope you bring it back.

 Thank you

Edited by Raymond

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